5 cool modules in Python for fun 🔥

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Today in this article we are going top explore 5 amazing modules of Python. So let’s begin with awesome modules

1. Antigravity module

This is the most amazing module. In this module you can read the comic of python. This module was added by Skip Montanaro. That was an easter egg.

This opens a webbrowser mentioning a comic about Python.

We will install this module –

pip install antigravity 

To know more about pip click here – https://knowledge-junction.in/2021/07/25/most-popular-tool-for-installing-python-packages-pip/

Now to access the comic we will import antigravity

import antigravity

Output –

It will take you to this URL – https://xkcd.com/354/

fig : 1 - Python comic
fig : 1 – Python comic

2. howdoi module

howdoi is a command-line tool written in Python.

It gives the answers to do basic programming tasks, while working still in the console, directly from the command line

It scrapes code from the top answers on Stack Overflow. We need an internet connection for using howdoi.

To see how does it works click here – https://knowledge-junction.in/2022/07/16/python-getting-the-answers-of-basic-programming-tasks%f0%9f%94%a5/

3. webbrowser module

With the help of this website we can open any website. The webbrowser module provides a high-level interface to allow displaying Web-based documents to users.

As it is built in module we will not install it

Now let’s open a web with webbrowser module

# Importing webbrowser
import webbrowser

# To open a web
# webbroser.open("URL")

Output –

It will open the Knowledge Junction website

fig : 2 Python - Knowledge Junction website
fig : 2 Python – Knowledge Junction website

4. Wikipedia module

We can now import the entire Wikipedia! Yes, We can now import Wikipedia in Python using Wikipedia module. Use the incessant flow of knowledge with Python for daily needs.

Install it as

pip install wikipedia

Now to import entire Wikipedia –

# Importing wikipedia
import wikipedia

# To access content from wikipedia

Output –

fig : 3 Python - wikipedia content
fig : 3 Python – Wikipedia content

5. Emoji module

Emojis have become a way to express and to enhance simple boring texts. Now, the same gems can be used in Python programs too. Yes, really! You now have the ultimate power to use emojis in your code. This emojis look very cool.

To use emoji ‘s click here – https://knowledge-junction.in/2022/03/31/emoji-on-visual-studio-code-%f0%9f%94%a5/

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Thank you for reading 🙂🙂

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