SharePoint Server 2019 Preview – Step by step installation for single server farm topology

Hi Friends,
As we know that SharePoint Server 2019 and Project Server 2019 preview available, I was excited with this news and thought to have it installed on and check what’s new.

In this article  I will have instructions to install SharePoint Server 2019 preview on Azure VM.

Let’s start by creating the virtual machine on Windows Azure platform.

I have created a VM with image template ‘SQL Server 2017 Standard on Windows Server 2016’.

SP2019_Azure VM Image

Fig 1 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Virtual Image selected for installation

I have chosen ‘Standard B4Ms’ sizes configuration.

SP2019_Azure VM1

Fig 2 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – ‘Standard B4Ms’ sizes configuration selected for VM

And created the VM, it have taken some time to get it created. Following are the configuration shown on the created VM on Azure.

SP2019_Azure VM

Fig 3 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – VM configuration for installation

Now as we have Virtual machine ready with SQL server 2017, we can start with SharePoint Server 2019 installation.

1. Let’s first download the setup from
2. I have chosen ‘en-us\16.0.10711.37301_OfficeServer_none_ship_x64_en-us_dvd\officeserver_en-us.img’ installation language for downloading installation, its 3.8GB size.

Download SharePoint Server

Fig 4 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – download

3. Click Save to copy the disc image file to your computer.
4. Right click on the ‘officeserver_en-us.img’ file and select Mount option.


Fig 5 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Mounting disk image

5. Navigate to the mounted drive.
6. Run splash.hta to launch the SharePoint Server 2019 Start page.
7. Click Install software prerequisites to launch the Microsoft SharePoint 2019 Products Preparation Tool.


Fig 6 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Installing software prerequisites

8. Follow the instructions in the tool to complete the installation of the software prerequisites.


Fig 7 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Prerequisites installation finished

9. Select ‘Finish’ to restart the server and complete the installation of prerequisites.
10. After restart if the image file not mounted automatically then repeat step 4, 5 and 6 to run the splash.hta file.
11. On the SharePoint Server 2019 Start page, click ‘Install SharePoint Server’ to launch Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview Setup.


Fig 8 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Installation of SharePoint Server 

12. When prompted, provide a product key. You can use the trial product key from article install instructions section. The trial period is 180 days. You can convert to a licensed installation at any time during the trial or after the trial has expired by entering the appropriate product key in Central Administration.


Fig 9 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Product Key

13. Sit back and relax to complete the installation 🙂


Fig 10 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – SharePoint Server installation progress


Fig 11 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – SharePoint Server finalizing installation

14. After completing the setup SharePoint Product configuration wizard will be started.


Fig 12 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – After installation running Product Configuration Wizard – Step 1

15. Select ‘Yes’ at the following screen.


Fig 13 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – After installation running Product Configuration Wizard – Step 2

16. As we are creating new farm, select as below screen shot.


Fig 14 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – After installation running Product Configuration Wizard – Step 3 – Connect to a server farm

17. Select Next on below screen.


Fig 15 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – After installation running Product Configuration Wizard – Step 4

18. In next screen we need to provide DB server details and Database access account details.


Fig 16 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – After installation running Product Configuration Wizard – Step 5 – Configuration Database Settings

19. After giving user details using which we have created the VM, I was getting following error “The specified user is a local account. Local accounts should only be used in standalone mode.


Fig 17 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – After installation running Product Configuration Wizard – Error occurred  after specifying database settings – “Local accounts should only be used in stand alone mode”

20. I thought we need to create a SQL user and pass that to continue the setup.
21. Hence I connected to SQL server management studio.


Fig 18 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Connecting to SQL Server Management Studio

22. I have created a new SQL user.


Fig 19 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Creating new SQL user

23. And granted all the roles to that account.


Fig 20 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Granting permissions to newly created SQL user 

24. Now selected the newly created user also not helping me and giving same error as given in step no 19.
25. After that I have tried creating the new local user account and added that to Local administrator group and using those user in SQL. This also not helped me and I got stuck for some time.
26. After searching for the error we came across SP 2016 post when the solution was described to use the New-SPConfigurationDatabase cmdlet.

-DatabaseName SharePoint_ConfigDB 
-DatabaseServer [ServerName] 
-AdministrationContentDatabaseName SharePoint_ContentDB 
-Passphrase (ConvertTo-SecureString [password] -AsPlaintext -Force) 
-FarmCredentials (Get-Credential) 
-localserverrole SingleServerFarm

27. Please read about at cmdlet New-SPConfigurationDatabase , I used ‘SingleServerFarm’ option for localserverrole parameter as I am installing on single server.
28. This command will take some time and create configuration database.
29. After successful completion run the SharePoint product configuration wizard again.


Fig 21 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – running SharePoint Product Configuration wizard again after successful execution of PowerShell cmdlet – New-SPConfigurationDatabase

30. This time it got succeed and we are able to proceed.


Fig 21 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Product Configuration Wizard – Configuring Central Administration Web Application

31. Click Next to continue with configuration. And wizard will continue as following.


Fig 22 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Completing SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard


Fig 23 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard – Modifying server farm settings

32. Now the final configuration task started and installation continued.


Fig 24 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – SharePoint Configuration Wizard – Performing configuration tasks

33. Installation success message shown as following. 🙂


Fig 25 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – Finally, successful installation of SharePoint 2019 features 🙂

34. Now we can able to access SharePoint central administration.


Fig 26 : SharePoint 2019 Preview – SharePoint Central Administration web application

We can now free to create web application and site collection. Modern site templates are available at ‘Template selection’ step.

Hope this article will help to save some valuable time while setting up SharePoint 2019 preview.

Thanks for Reading 🙂

Keep reading, share your thoughts, experiences. Feel free to contact us to discuss more. If you have any suggestion / feedback / doubt, you are most welcome.

Stay tuned on Knowledge-Junction, will come up with more such articles.

Prasad Pathak

Senior Tech lead

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  1. Hi Prasad,
    Very Well explained. Thanks for sharing.
    Just for curiosity: Does any changes /addition in central administration Panel so far? Any Administrative Improvements?

    • prasadvpathak says:

      Hi Sumit,

      No major changes found in central admin, only additional site creation option available for creating modern sites.

      Prasad Pathak

  2. jeffangama says:

    Have you successfully configured One Drive ? For me its on “wait a moment status”
    Steps I followed and shared on my blog :

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