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Today I would like to write on Microsoft Forms which is the part of Office 365.

Introduction to Microsoft Forms:

Microsoft Forms is simple, small and lightweight app under office 365 which allows you to create quizzes, polls, surveys.

  • Surveys

Create surveys to collect valuable and important feedback, measure employee’s satisfaction. Microsoft Forms is very reliable to use, it works on any web browser. It also has themes and question branching so you won’t have to do hard work to conduct a great survey.

  • Quizzes

Create quizzes to measure student knowledge, evaluate class’s progress and give attention to topics that need improvement. Microsoft Forms allows us to assign point to quiz and conduct automatic grading.

  • Polls

Carry out polls to find out what your customer thinks about your company’s new plan or product.

  • Provides easy but powerful analysis

Microsoft Forms collects responses in real time and automatically generates charts to view quiz statistics. Moreover,  it allows us to export this statistics in excel sheet format for customized and in-depth analysis.

Where it can be used?

It can be used in educational institutions to create quizzes, collect feedback from teaching staff and parents. It also can be used in business organizations to collect customer feedback etc.

Who can use Microsoft Forms?

Office 365 Education subscribers and Office 365 commercial subscribers.

Let’s see how to work with Microsoft Forms by creating one quiz.


  1. Login to your office 365 account.
  2. Following figure shows home page of office 365. Click on Explore all your apps or click the App Launcher located on left hand side top corner of suite bar.Office365_HomepageFigure .1 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Home Page of Office 365
  3. If you click Explore all your apps, page will list out all office 365 apps. Open Forms from given list of apps.AllAppsFigure .2 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Open Forms App
  4. If you click App Launcher, click All Apps and then open Forms from the given list of left navigation.AllApps2Figure .3 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – App Launcher
  5. Click New Quiz.
Figure .4 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Create New Quiz
  1. Give this quiz a name and write description about the quiz, why quiz has been created.
Figure .5 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Give name to quiz
  1. We can also add an image to the quiz. Click image icon Image_Icon located at the right side of name.
  2. Search image on Bing search, select the quiz and click Add.
Figure .6 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Search an image
  1. You can add image from Bing search or One drive or Upload from your PC.
  2. Now click Add Question.
Figure .7 : Add a Question
  1. Select question type, in this case It opens the question and answer area where you can add question and its multiple choices to select from.
    Figure .8 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Select question type
  2. Type in the question and its multiple choices. Select the correct answer to the question by clicking on tick mark.
Figure .9 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Create a question
  1. If there are multiple answers to the question then turn on Multiple answers flag and then select correct multiple answers.
Figure .10 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms -Multiple Answers
  1. We can even give points or marks to the question. Give the point in the text box provided next to Points:
Figure .11 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Points
  1. We can shuffle choices/options, so that for each different user sequence of options will be different. Click more settings indicated by ellipse and click Shuffle Options. Also check out other settings.
Figure .12 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – More Settings
  1. We can even add an image to the question, similarly like we added an image to quiz.
  2. Add questions likewise and proceed.
  3. Preview your quiz, set the theme or share.
Figure .13 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Other settings
  1. Quiz can be shared to the people in the organization or anyone with link.
Figure .14 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Share the quiz
  1. There are four options to access the quiz.
    1. Get the link to the form
    2. Download the barcode
    3. Embed link
    4. Mail the link to others
  2. When other users Submit this quiz, organizer can find responses in the responses tab.
  3. Also we can export quiz statistics to excel. Excel report contains username, email id, start time, finish time, answer given to each question and more etc.
Figure .15 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Export to excel

Here is a link to the demo quiz I have created using Microsoft Forms.

More Settings:

  1. Click three dots next to Share as shown in figure.
Figure .16 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – More Settings
  1. See the following figure for configuring quiz options.
Figure .17 : Office 365 – Microsoft Forms – Configure quiz options
  1. Settings
    1. Options for quiz: enable this option, so that responders will be able to see their results.
    2. Who can fill out this form: anyone with this link or people in organization only.
    3. Options for responses: configure start date, end date for quiz, shuffle questions, email notification of each response.

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