Harmful side of Using Mobile Phone!

Have you talked to your child about how they use mobile?

Probably more than once, nowadays many parents are confronted with their child’s addiction to mobility. It is very common and has physical and psychological effects that are harmful to our well-being. With a mobile phone, we can communicate with the world, friends, family … This dependency on mobile moves us away from them, which has serious consequences.

This article tells you some of the most important consequences of mobile addiction, one of the most modern addictions that most affect young people.

The use of mobile phones usually leads to significant changes in our life. In this article is about symptoms and addiction to the mobile.

Some of the common consequences of mobile dependence

Difficulties in relationship

Although when mobilers are with friends and family, they check the cell phone constantly. As a result, people in their surroundings are disappointed and create potential conflicts.

When we use our phone, we are eliminating ourselves from the real world. The social relations are about “face to face”. While phones allow us to connect to the world, people are completely isolated from the real world.

Increase stress

Restlessness forces people to check mobile every minute. Our body and mind are constantly activated waiting for the phone to ring or check every time if a message has arrived. Sometimes the mobile does not allow breaking the connection, for example when we are on holiday, and the first thing we do when we get up is to look at our mobile to chat with friends, stay at work, etc. What is really not removed, and stress is not counted. Sometime, this stress causes a person to hear the ringtone or vibrations of their cell phone that are not real is called Ringing ears.

People Do not perform healthy activities

The time spent by a mobile phone prevents a person from carrying out healthy activities such as exercise, socializing, learning … A person finds a solution to their problems with a click, and this is the reason why they avoid work. They only start communicating through technology. Instead of doing sports activities, they play on mobile phones without exercising.


Dependence can be so serious that when you remove mobile from these people, they can become very aggressive. Many people do not let anyone to touch the phones. When they lose them, they can show symptoms like mood swings, irritability, etc. …

Insomnia or Loss of sleep

When we sleep our mind and body rest. However, allowing mobile access on bed before you sleep can lead to more stress, less productivity, low energy levels, difficulty concentrating, and low brain activity.

Exposure to moving light may delay sleep that can cause various sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Anxiety and depression

A long time in front of a mobile screen can cause great anxiety and even depression because many people are constantly waiting for their friends to talk to them and they will be worried if they don’t respond to them.


Teens are more likely to respond to calls, text while driving, and riding than adults. They talk and text on the phone without realizing that it can cost their lives.

In addition to the social and psychological consequences mobile user can also cause physical consequences such as:

Chronic neck pain by most of the time looking down to see the mobile phone.

Eye strain and blurred vision due to small screen focus

This article is purely informative, and this is to spread awareness based on real world facts.

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