M365 – Changing URL of Hub site – Lesson learned

M365 - HUB Sites - Error if we try to edit the URL
M365 - HUB Sites - Error if we try to edit the URL. Cant edit HUB Site URL

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Today, small article but sharing new learning related to changing the URL of Hub sites. Its always something learning while working with SharePoint 🙂

Background: One of our customer asked to changed the URL of sites. Since MS recently made available this feature, I confidently said Yes to customer.

Customer shared the URL. When I went to admin center I realized that URL which customer shared is of HUB site and we cant change the URL of HUB site as

M365 - HUB Sites - Cant edit the URL
Fig 1 – M365 – HUB Sites – Cant edit the URL

Or, we will get following error as

M365 - HUB Sites - Error if we try to edit the URL
Fig 2 – M365 – HUB Sites – Error if we try to edit the URL

I went through documentation Its clearly mentioned about this point, I missed reading between the lines :(.

But I am able to change URL of normal communication site as

M365 - Communication Sites - Can edit the URL
Fig 2 – M365 – Communication Sites – Can edit the URL

Solution / Approach used: Googled bit but no luck 🙁

Only option I could thought is “Unregister as hub site”, change the URL and again “Register as hub site”. But as we unregister we will get an warning as “all the associated sites will be disassociated”

M365 - HUB Sites - Unregistering
Fig 3 – M365 – HUB Sites – Unregistering – all the associated sites will be disassociated

Once hub site unregistered we could easily change the URL of site since which become normal site.

Also one of beauty of this feature is once URL is changed we can again register given site as HUB and all disassociated sites will be reassociated 🙂 This is very cool since even though we have 100 sites associated we don’t need to worry about associated sites 🙂


  1. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/change-site-address

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