Microsoft 365 / Azure – Exploring Identity – Identity is the new security perimeter

fig : Microsoft 365 / Azure - Identity as new security perimeter
fig : Microsoft 365 / Azure - Identity as new security perimeter

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In this article we will discuss what is Identity when we discuss about Microsoft 365 and Azure Security. Identity is the new security perimeter in this new digital collaboration

fig : Microsoft 365 / Azure - Identity as new security perimeter
fig : Microsoft 365 / Azure – Identity as new security perimeter image courtesy – Microsoft Documentation

What is Identity

  • Microsoft defines Identity as “An identity is the set of things that define or characterize someone or something. For example, a person’s identity includes the information they use to authenticate themselves, such, as their username and password and their level of authorization.
  • For example user / person uses details like username, password, email to authenticate themselves
  • An identity can be associated with user, device or application

Identity becomes the new security perimeter

  • Nowadays collaboration in organizations, with partners changed a lot
  • We need to collaborate or access resources from any location, any device
  • Companies / organizations are allowing now working from home, this option is more suitable for most of the organizations
  • Because of these changes, security becomes very important for the organizations. Old way security options are obsolete. Security is no longer only limited to On-Premises environment
  • Organizations having security challenges. For example for
    • Accessing applications – like SaaS applications which is hosted outside organization network
    • Personal Devices from where users / employees access organization data
    • IOT devices installed through organization network or at customer locations
  • Hence the identity become new security perimeter to meet above challenges, to secure organization assets / resources
  • Identity extends security to various devices like mobile / tablets, apps and so on

Pillars of an identity infrastructure

  • To manage these identities and to control how to use to access organization resources there are
    • Collection of processes
    • Technologies
    • Policies
  • So when creating identity infrastructure organizations should consider following four fundamental pillars
    • Administration
      • Administration is about creation and management or governance about identities for users, devices and services
      • Administrator manages and defines details like when identities will be created, updated and deleted
    • Authentication
      • Process to prove that identity as who they say they are
    • Authorization
      • Determines the level of access an authenticated person or service has which they want to access an application or service
    • Auditing
      • This is related to tracking who does what, when, where and how
      • These includes reporting, alerts, and governance of identities
  • To have very robust and comprehensive identity and access control solution organizations need to address all the above four pillars of Identity

In next article we will discuss about Identity Provider

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