Office 365 – Administrator Roles

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In this article we will go through admin roles available for Office 365 users.

Following are the list of roles available and their permissions :

  • Global Administrator
    1. This role has access to all administrative features
    2. Global administrator are the only users able to assign other admin roles
    3. The account which is used to purchase the Office 365 is automatically assigned the global admin role
    4. We can assign global admin roles to more than one users.
    5. Best Practice: In organisation, there should be only few global administrators.
  • Customized administrator
    • Billing Administrator – Make purchases, Manage Subscriptions, Manage support tickets, Monitor service health.
    • Password Administrator –
      1. Reset the password of users except Global Admin, Service Admin or billing roles
      2. One Password Admin can reset the password of other Password Admin
    • Service Administrator – Manage service requests, Monitor service health
    • User Management Administrator
      1. Can reset password
      2. Adds and deletes user accounts
      3. Monitor service health
      4. Manage user accounts
      5. Manage service requests
      6. Unable to delete accounts assigned to global admin role
      7. Unable to create other admin roles
      8. Unable to reset passwords for users assigned the billing, global, service, exchange, SharePoint Online, Compliance and Skype for Business admin roles
    • Dynamics 365 service administrator – Manage Dynamic 365
    • Exchange administrator
      1. Manages Mailbox
      2. Manages Anti-Spam policies
      3. Can recover users deleted items fro user mailbox
      4. Can setup mail box sharing policy
      5. Can create shared mail box
    • Skype for Business administrator – Setup and Configure Skype For Business
    • Power BI service administrator –
      1. Can access Office 365 Power BI usage metrice
      2. Able to control usage of Power BI features
    • SharePoint administrator
      1. Can create and manage Site collections
      2. Can manage document storage
      3. Can assign user as Site Collection Administrator and Term Store Administrator
    • Reports reader – Can view all activity reports in Office 365 admin center
    • Compliance Admin
      1. Manages Security and Compliance policies
      2. These users have permission to Office 365 Admin Center, Security and Compliance Center, Exchange Online Admin Center and Azure AD Admin Portal

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