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In this article we will discuss managing users like adding user, importing multiple users, exporting users, edit a user, delete a user from Office 365 Admin center site.

From Office 365 Admin center home page ( ) Administrator can perform all users operation as

figure 1 - Office 365 Admin center home page

Figure 1: Users – Office 365 Admin center home page

Options like “Add a user”, “Edit a user” are self-explanatory. Administrator will click on given link and can perform those operations. It’s very easy.

Few points regarding delete a user:

  1. We Administrator delete user, user account remains in Azure Active Directory recycle bin for 30 days. Administrator can recover account in 30 days. This is soft delete.
  2. Administrator can see all soft deleted users from “Deleted users” section under “Users” area from Admin center site as

    figure 2 - soft deleted users navigation

    Figure 2: soft Deleted user’s navigation

  3. Once 30 days period expires, the user account is deleted permanently and is not recoverable.

Import multiple users: To go to this option, click on “Users >” link, Admin will be redirected to user’s page ( ) as

figure 3- Admin Center - Active Users

Figure 3: Admin Center: Active Users

Under “More” as shown in figure, we will find “Import multiple users” option as shown in below figure 4.

figure 4- Import multiple users option

Figure 4: “Import multiple users” option

“Import multiple users” process allows us to import multiple users in Office 365 from specially formatted .CSV file. Importing multiple users is simple three steps process as shown below figure 5.

figure 5- Import multiple users dialog

Figure 5: “Import multiple users” dialog

  1. Creating and uploading .CSV file
  2. Setting user options
  3. Verifying result

CSV file must have the following fields in first row:

  1. User Name
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Display Name
  5. Job Title
  6. Department
  7. Office Number
  8. Office Phone
  9. Mobile Phone
  10. Fax
  11. Address
  12. City
  13. State or Province
  14. ZIP or Postal
  15. Country or region

Admin can also download sample CSV file from “Import multiple users” dialog as shown in above figure 5.

Once users CSV file ready, next step is set user option where Admin need to set following options

  1. Sign-in status : Either “Sign-in allowed” or “sign-in blocked”
  2. Licenses – Assigning licenses to the users

Once options are set, Admin will be redirected to result dialog page which shows no of users created,  configuration setting to send mail or not. Admin can also download the result file which contain 4 fields

  1. Display name
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Additional information

Exporting all active users: Administrator can export all active users from Active Users page ( ) as

figure 6- Export user option from Admin Center - Active Users page

Figure 6: Export user option from Admin Center >> Active users page

Following fields are exported in a file

  1. AlternateEmailAddresses
  2. BlockCredential
  3. City
  4. Country
  5. Department
  6. DisplayName
  7. Fax
  8. FirstName
  9. LastDirSyncTime
  10. LastName
  11. LastPasswordChangeTimestamp
  12. LicenseAssignmentDetails
  13. Licenses
  14. MobilePhone
  15. ObjectId
  16. Office
  17. PasswordNeverExpires
  18. PhoneNumber
  19. PostalCode
  20. PreferredDataLocation
  21. PreferredLanguage
  22. ProxyAddresses
  23. ReleaseTrack
  24. SoftDeletionTimestamp
  25. State
  26. StreetAddress
  27. StrongPasswordRequired
  28. Title
  29. UsageLocation
  30. UserPrincipalName
  31. WhenCreated

Keep reading , share your thoughts, experiences. Feel free to contact us to discuss more. If you have any suggestion / feedback / doubt, you are most welcome.

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