Tips for Stress Free and Safe Driving – Must Read.

Nothing better than driving relaxed, stress free and calm.

Before going through Tips, we must understand “what is Stress?”

It is a normal reaction the body and mind have, when changes occur. Stress is a state of the human being that is grounded on an extraordinary request for physical or psychological abilities to develop an activity in a more efficient way.

Stress can be Good or Bad.

How Stress is good?

We will not deep dive into Stress management but just to answer the question.

Good stress is when we feel excited and curious. When we take a ride in a rollercoaster or water park rides. Playing a sport or a game. In small doses, stress has many advantages. For instance, stress can help you meet daily challenges and motivates you to reach your goals. In fact, stress can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently reminding yourself of your strengths.

What is a Bad Stress?

You must have seen the stress on animal when they take a nap. In those moments, they are loaded with stress to achieve an immediate exit that allows him to fight to feed himself. Fear of Prey is stress.

The human being works in an analogous way. We are stressed to achieve greater performance. There is always a pressure of left-behindness and catching-up. Continued stress that does constitute a source of problems.

This is the Major problem during vehicle driving. Nobody wants to be behind.

There are many external factors causes stress such as difference in temperature, light, dust, the pace of traffic, noise … Internal factors are based on emotional tension and the inability to disconnect Mentally worries. This leads to a series of consequences that must be well controlled when we get on the wheel.

We will see what causes it and what can be done with it.

  1. Focusing on objects at short and medium distance due to ambient lights
  2. Comfort, Climate and Temperature inside or Outside
    • Securing the driver’s seat and steering column fits correctly for you.
    • Maintain a pleasant temperature and Fragrance inside.
    • Wear comfortable cloths while driving. To avoid irritation and discomfort.
  3. Dust and Smoke
    • Keep up windows as per environment.
    • Use verified mask in such places.
  4. Unexpected traffic
    • Leave without delays. Give yourself plenty of time on the road.
    • Check route on Map before you start.
  5. Speeding, Fast switching lanes and jumping red lights
    • To be honest, the only thing you would save by being in the lane exchange and jumping red lights would be at most five minutes. In this way, in addition to not causing an accident, you will arrive calmly at your work or home.
    • Drive at an adequate speed within the speed limit.
    • Try not to pick music that may put you in an aggressive or fast-driving mood. Pick something that could calm you down.
    • Practice polite driving Lay off the horn.
  6. Over exertion
    • Sleep the necessary hours (approximately 7 – 8).
    • Do not drive if you are tired and take regular breaks during long trips to focus your concentration.
    • Hunger can affect your concentration, but don’t eat on the wheels.
    • Avoid the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or drugs. Take special care with stimulants, such as coffee or tea.
    • Listen to music you enjoy, relax your grip.
  7. With a lot of things to do while driving.
    • Do not use the cell phone or listen to the music at a high volume. In this case driving becomes secondary task having less priority resulting an accident.
    • Try to clear your mind of personal or work problems before driving
  8. Road rage or tailgating.
    • Just let the person have their way. It will avoid a confrontation in the long run.
    • Avoid eye contact with angry drivers and give them space.
    • Don’t take an angry driver’s aggression personally
    • Consider that someone else could be even angrier than you.
    • Realize other people are stupid.
    • Don’t let yourself be distracted. Don’t react they provokes.
    • Act like you are oblivious to the situation.
    • Focus on your destination.
    • Road rage can make you do stupid things, from giving a rude gesture to actually assaulting someone.
    • You could end up in jail, lose your job, lose your family, or even lose your life. Think before you act.
  9. Route and Direction confusion
  10. Bad Roads
    • Drive Very Slow

Always act like someone else is in the car with you. Because when someone is in my car with me, I am a completely different driver. So always act as if someone is with you, that will keep your feelings under control.

Remember that you have a responsibility to drive among vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and riding enthusiasts), which requires your full attention.

The practice of sport can be a good therapy against stress. Any activity that motivates us will mentally take us away from our source of worries, so our body will have some time to recover.

In fact, all above remedies are necessary for stress free and safe driving. But when a situation has no remedy, it is useless to worry about it. And when it has a remedy, the worst thing we can do until that remedy works is to stress ourselves, since by worrying excessively all we do is get tired physically and mentally and lose resources to deal with the problem. About driving, it is worth thinking that if we calm down we will reach our destination, while if we get carried away by nervousness we may not arrive in peace.


Thanks for Reading Happy Driving.

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