Power Platform – Introducing Microsoft Dataflex (CDS)

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On July 21, Microsoft announced release of Microsoft Dataflex. In this article we will discuss what and Why Microsoft Dataflex?

Microsoft Teams continue to improve the Microsoft Power Platform integration with Microsoft Teams to enable our customers to tailor Microsoft 365 to their needs and empower everyone to be a developer using low-code tools.

Microsoft rebranding and introducing “Microsoft Dataflex”.

What is Microsoft Dataflex?

Microsoft Dataflex delivers a built-in, low-code data platform for Teams, and provides relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise grade governance, and one-click solution deployment.

Microsoft Dataflex enables everyone to easily build and deploy apps and intelligent chat-bots in Teams with Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. 

Microsoft announced that Common Data Service renamed as “Microsoft Dataflex Pro”. It’s a powerful combination of Microsoft Power Apps and Teams.

This new feature enabled user to build apps and bots directly within teams and easily and rapidly respond to changing in business needs and create custom solutions for business users.

Microsoft Dataflex Pro is the data backbone that enables people to store their data in a scalable and secure environment dynamically. Dataflex Pro enables [us] to look at data as a service spun up on-demand to meet ever-changing business needs.” wrote by Chris Wagner Analytics Architect, Rockwell Automation.

Why Microsoft Dataflex?

  1. Rapidly build low-code apps and bots in Teams with a no-code editable grid to easily build your data model.
  2. Creators can build, deploy, share, use, and administer Power Apps solutions from within Teams.
  3.  We can create and share custom templates, Teams users, Microsoft partners, and IT departments can create and share app templates across the entire company.
Fig 1. Power Platform – Creating table in teams using Dataflex

4. Streamline processes for app makers and users with responsive layouts and a built-in database that supports relational, file, and image data.

5. The Power Apps App Studio and the Power Virtual Agents Portal embedded in Teams, users can now easily and quickly build apps and bots with drag and drop simplicity in Teams without switching applications.

Fig 2. Power Platform – Add column and row window

6. Speed up solution delivery with one-click deployment of apps and intelligent bots.

Fig 3. Power Platform – Create an app window

7. Dataflex provides access and security roles granted automatically through teams membership, but customizable by Teams owners.

8. Easily create and share chat-bots with one-click deployment using your organization’s subject matter expertise and Microsoft Dataflex data.

Fig 4. Power Platform – Power Virtual Agents Portal

Reference: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/introducing-microsoft-dataflex-a-new-low-code-data-platform-for-microsoft-teams/

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