An extension every SharePoint admin and developer must have: SP Editor

SP Editor Extension

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Today I am going to write about chrome extension every SharePoint admin and developer must have. I came to know about this extension while I was working on a project. There was a need to change page layout from Article to Home. As I googled it, I found many articles showing how we can do it using PowerShell command. You can see how to do it using PowerShell in my blog here (M365 – Remove Page Header or Image Banner From SharePoint Online Pages).

We can use PowerShell command in loop to set page layout from Article to Home and vice versa for multiple pages. But what if there is only one page for which we need to change page layout. For single page layout change opening powershell, typing and running command is pretty good effort.

So let’s see how we can do it using SP Editor extension. Find the extension at this link – SP Editor. Add it to your browser and follow below given steps.

Figure 1: Add Extension
  1. The extension works only for SharePoint pages,sites etc. so, you have to be on your SharePoint page for which you want to change page layout.
Figure 2: Page with Article page layout

2. Click the extension on browser. It will open a panel like below and then click _spPageContextInfo.

Figure 3: Open _spPageContextInfo

3. As this is being the Article page, below Current Page Layout section in the drop down by default Article Page Layout will be selected.
4. Select Home Page Layout from the drop down and click Update.

Figure 4: Select Home Page Layout

5. Finally, you have to just refresh the page and you can see the page layout changed from Article to Home.

Figure 5: Page with Home page layout

6. There are many other properties/features also in the extension. While being on sharepoint site, press F12 to open Google Developers Tool, and click SharePoint as shown below and explore more out of it.

Figure 6: Extension’s tab on Google Developers Tool


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