Installation of Scratch 3.18.1

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Today in this article we are going to discuss about the Installation of Scratch🙂


Go to the browser and search – Scratch 3.0 download

Scratch 3.0 download


Then click on the first link

Fig : Download scratch


When you click the link we will redirect to this URL

Fig : Scratch download
  • Choose your OS. Here we will discuss installation of Scratch for Windows
  • Click on Microsoft icon or “Direct Download” link
  • Then it will start running the .exe file
Fig : Opening exe file

When it finish opening, it will ask to Install

Fig : Install Scratch
  • First you need to choose the software is available to all users or just yourself
  • Then click on Install option
  • Then it will start installation
Fig : Installing Scratch

When It completed Scratch will be installed

Fig : Installation of Scratch completed
  • Then Scratch will be Installed in your PC or Laptop
  • You need to click finish to close the setup

Scratch installed

Fig : Scratch installed successfully

Thank you for reading this article🙂

Next article– How to use Scratch

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