Microsoft 365 / PowerBI – Major Update – Update Power BI Cmdlet module MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt to version 1.0.946 – Important for PowerBI developers and Administrators

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We all PowerBI developers / administrators need to update the PowerBI CMDLET module MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt to version 1.0.946 or greater prior to July 30, 2021

In case we didnt updated we may face log-in issue after 30 July 2021

To know the current version of module, we can use Find-Module CMDLET as

Find-Module -Name MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt
Verifying the PowerBI module - MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt
Fig : Verifying the PowerBI module – MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt – version on my local laptop

Here if we notice I have greater version of PowerBI module – MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt, so no action is needed πŸ™‚ so it shouldnt be issue πŸ™‚

But if PowerBI module – MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt is less than or equal to 1.0.946 then upgrate it before 30 July 2021 to avoid any log issues.

We can upgrade PowerBI module – MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt by using Upgrade-Module CMDLET at

Upgrade-Module -Name MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt

Why this upgrade is required :

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