SharePoint – resolving error – “Cannot connect to the configuration database.”

SharePoint - Cannot connect to configuration database
SharePoint - Cannot connect to configuration database

Hi All,

Greetings for the day 🙂 LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL 🙂

SharePoint migration continues 🙂 Today new issue and solution.

Issue : Central Admin is not opening. Showing an error – “Cannot connect to the configuration database.”

Fig : SharePoint WFE – error – Cannot connect to the configuration database.
  • My initial guess was AppPool – Verified app pool its started
Fig : SharePoint WFE – Verifying Central Admin app pool
  • Then my next thought – lets run “SharePoint Products Configration Wizard” and then try to open Central Admin again but no luck 🙁 following error came
Fig : SharePoint WFE – Running “SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard”
  • Then next step is SharePoint developers best friend – ULS
  • Verified the respective logs and found below error –

Resource id to be retrieved is FarmIsJoinedFailureWhileUsingUICanOnlyDisconnect for language English (United States)
07/08/2021 01:17:44 1 INF Resource retrieved id FarmIsJoinedFailureWhileUsingUICanOnlyDisconnect is Failed to detect if this server is joined to a server farm. Possible reasons for this failure could be that you no longer have the appropriate permissions to the server farm, the database server hosting the server farm is unresponsive, the configuration database is inaccessible or this server has been removed from the server farm. To diagnose this problem further, review the extended error information located at {0}. If this problem persists, choose to disconnect from the server farm. After disconnecting, run the wizard again to create or connect to an existing server farm.

Issue / Error :

  • After looking at exception from ULS and error dialog from SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard, we found that our database server is not accessible. We couldnt connect to the database server

Solution : On database server SQL server services where stopped. Just restarted those services and database server is back in business.

Opened Central Admin and it worked like charm 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

Enjoy the beautiful life 🙂 Have a FUN 🙂 HAVE A SAFE LIFE 🙂 TAKE CARE

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