Python: Basic code: 02

smart people aren’t the most successful people, constant learners are ,And you can beat anyone by constant learning

so.. let’s starts opps let’s continue the topic… Escape sequence character 🙂

1) \n for new line

fig 1

2) \t for new tab

fig 2

3) \b for backspace

fig 3

4) \r for carry return

fig 4

5) \f for form feed

fig 5

6) If we have to print \now but \n have different meaning . In this case put \\now then output will be \now (for any other escape key we can use )

fig 6

7)To put ” then type \” then we will get ” same for ‘

fig 7

Thank you friends keep supporting ….. see you in next article till then have fun #happy coding and yes if any doubt occur comment me i will resolve Have fun 🙂

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