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As we discuss last article about SharePoint and Sites in SharePoint.

Today I am going to share about How to create list in SharePoint.


  • A SharePoint list is like a table that will have columns or fields or properties. A list also can contain one or more attachements or files.
  • SharePoint provides three basics kinds of list:
    • Communication list: Are used to track announcements ,contacts and discussion boards.
    • Tracking list: Are used to track information such as link , calendars ,tasks ,issues and surveys.
    • Custom list provide a starting template that you can build to create a list with exact columns you need.
  • Using a list in SharePoint is the most common way to manage information.
  • In a list data is gathered in rows and each row is known as a list item.

In this article we will discuss about How to create list in SharePoint.

How to create Custom List:

Step 1

Microsoft365 - Created Site Home Page
Fig: Microsoft365 – Created Site Home Page

Step 2

  • Select List
Microsoft365 -  Creating a new List
fig: Microsoft365 – Creating a new List

Step 3

  • Click on Blank list
Fig: Microsoft365 – List Option
  • We can export a list from excel by clicking on From Excel option we will discuss in next article.
  • We can add a list From Existing list we will discuss in next article..

Step 4

  • Give the name of the list.
  • Give description of the list. It is optional.
  • And click on Create.
Fig Microsoft365 – Create List

Step 5

  • We can see our created list in Navigation menu on home page of our site.
Microsoft365 - List Created
Fig: Microsoft365 – List Created

Step 6

  • Now we have to add column into list
  • We can add column using 2 ways
    • Using Site Column
    • From Add Column option.
Microsoft365 - Add Column
Fig – Microsoft365 – Add Column

Step 7

  • Now if we want to add column through Add Column option then we have to click on Add Column and fill the required information.
  • Such as name of the column , type of the column , we want to column required or not , category of the column , description of the column etc.
 Microsoft365 - Creating Column
Fig – Microsoft365 – Creating Column
  • After fill the all required information click on OK
  • We can see our created column into List.
  • We can also add verious column type such as number, date and time , choices from type category.
  • We can create column using Site Column also.
    • Site Column is a reusable column definition that you can assign to multiple list across multiple SharePoint sites.
    • To create column using site column click on –
    • Settings – Site information – view all site settings – site columns – Create.
    • Click on Site Column fill the required information about cloumn and click on OK.
    • We can see our created column into list.
 MicroSoft365 - Site Column
Fig – MicroSoft365 – Site Column
Fig – MicroSoft365 – Creating Site Column

Step 8

  • If we want to add item into list then we have to click on New.
  • Fill the all required information about the item like item name , Address , Age and click on save.
MicroSoft365 - Insert Item
Fig – MicroSoft365 – Insert Item
  • After fill the required information and click on save button we can see our inserted item into list home page.
MicroSoft365 - New item
Fig – MicroSoft365 – New item

Hope you understand How to create list , How to create column into list and insert item into list.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day 🙂

Shruti Wani

Microsoft365 developer at OS InfoTech.

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