Microsoft 365 – SPFx OR react app error: Property ” does not exist on type ‘Readonly<{}>‘ while accessing state property – {}

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Today new REACT / SPFX component issue and solution 🙂


  • Make sure we have following packages are installed
    • @pnp/spfx-controls-react”
    • @fluentui/react”

npm install "@pnp/spfx-controls-react"

npm install "@fluentui/react"

Details / Background :

  • Recently I started working on SPFx component and using REACT framework
  • One of feature of my SPFx component is to get data which we are requesting from the user and store in list on SUBMIT button
  • So to get the data we are using fluent UI control and on respective events setting the state
  • Following are simple steps to demonstrate:
    • Using Fluent UI control – TextField – get the input from the user
    • On change event of TextField – set the state – say “frm_txtprojectname
    • On Submit button click read the value from state variable

Respective code as follows:

#importing respective controls
import {PrimaryButton, TextField } from '@fluentui/react';

export default class KnowledgeJunction extends React.Component<IKnowledgeJunctionProps, {}> {

     //Initializing state
    this.state = {

    #render method :
public render(): React.ReactElement<IAddprojectProps> {

   <Label>Enter text:</Label>
          <TextField onChange={this.onchange.bind(this)} name="txt_projectname" value={this.state.txt_projectname}/>

<PrimaryButton text="Submit" onClick={() => this.submit()} />



//textfield on change event
   * @param value Change event for all text controls 
   * @param stateValue 
  public onchange(e) {
    //alert("change event called => " + ;
    let change = {};  
        change[] =;  

public async submit() {

 //getting value from text field
 var projectname = this.state.txt_projectname; #Here getting an error - Property 'txt_projectname' does not exist on type 'Readonly<{}>



Issue / Cause of an error :

Property ” does not exist on type ‘Readonly<{}>

This error caused because the second parameter to the class “KnowledgeJunction ” is the type of “state” and we are passing empty object as

export default class KnowledgeJunction extends React.Component<IKnowledgeJunctionProps, {}> 

Solution :

  • We need to provide the “state” instance in second parameter
  • If state interface is not defined, then create the state interface for state variables as

#state interface
export interface IKnowledgeJunctionState {

  • Pass the above created “state” instance to class parameter
  • So now our class looks like as

export default class KnowledgeJunction extends React.Component<IKnowledgeJunctionProps, IKnowledgeJunctionState >

  • This will resolve the issue 🙂

Thanks for reading !!! Please feel free to discuss any point / share your thoughts / questions if any !!!


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