Power Automate – resolving error- 401 Unauthorized

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to share about the error which I faced during the approval Power Automate and how to resolve it.


In Power Automate the SharePoint send HTTP request flow action lets constructs and execute SharePoint REST API queries. This action is particularly useful in cases where the existing SharePoint flow action do not handle requirements.

To break the permission i am sending the HTTP request to SharePoint.



clientRequestId: 7ee946f7-3d4d-4146-9a1a-594784f03a5c

serviceRequestId: 48ed33a0-1021-1000-13dd-9160c16569a9

Power Automate- Error

Solutions/Cause of an issue:

  • I am global Administrator
  • I have all permission that required on the site.

The cause of the error is space before _ api in Uri of “Send an HTTP request to SharePoint 3” action as shown in below image

Basically the error was occurred by having extra space in uri.

Error misleading the users that 401 unauthorized but it is not the issue of the permissions.

The issue occurred because by mistake space is there in uri.

I am sharing this because the error misleading and we spend lots of time to check the all permissions

So to help others and save time sharing.

Power Automate – Error in uri

After I remove the space it worked successfully.

Thanks you

Have a nice day 🙂

Shruti Wani

Microsoft365 developer at OS InfoTech.

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