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In last article (M365 – Certification : Preparing MS-900 (Microsoft 365 Fundamentals) – study material – Understanding cloud concepts for beginners ) we discussed basics of Cloud Computing with example. In this article we will discuss benefits of cloud computing.

As in last article we listed the benefits as , here we will explore in depth.

  • Cost :
    • Organization can save Infrastructure and administrative cost
    • Cloud computing reduces the expenses requires for buying hardware. Just needs to be paid based on use / consumption based model
    • No need to purchase any servers and maintain them
    • No need to hire IT expert to maintain hardware, servers, licenses and so on
    • The possibility to pay the price as when required for additional resource
    • The possibility to stop the price as when resources are not required/not used
  • Scale / Elastic
    • Scalability is the ability of the system to expand to handle the increasing amount of load.
    • On demand provisioning of resources
    • Increase (scale up) the resources as and when needed.
    • Down the resources when not required
    • Cloud computing supports two types of scaling
    • Vertical scaling:
      • Vertical scaling means “scaling up“. Means increase the power of existing server
      • Example: Adding memory, cache, disk or CPU/Processors
    • Horizontal scaling:
      • Horizontal scaling means “scaling out“. Means adding multiple servers to existing working unit
      • Here we didn’t increase the capacity of existing servers rather reduce their load by adding extra server.
  • Reliable / High Availability
    • Cloud computing providers provides data backup, disaster recovery.
    • They make sure that redundancy is built so if one of the server / component fails then backup takes place. That means Fault Tolerance is in place and customer dosent affected because of some fail-over or disaster.
    • Cloud provider maintains their up time of 99.9%. They grantees of 24*7 availability
  • Secure
    • Set of policies, technologies, applications, controls, procedures to protect data as well as infrastructure
    • We have physical security and digital security
    • Physical security – securing servers, building where servers are available
    • Digital security – Authorization – who can connect to data
    • Cloud providers providers all those policies, technical expertise, applications, utilities to have the security in place
    • For physical security cloud providers invest a lot in instruments like gates, cameras, walls, buildings, security personnel and so on.
  • Speed / Performance
    • Implementing applications in cloud allows organizations fast to implement and make available in market faster
    • High network bandwidth availability
    • Performance engineers are in place
  • Productivity
    • Productivity of organization get improved as they no longer need to worry about patches / updates, server maintenance, all these responsibilities are of cloud providers
    • Productivity improves when users of organizations works simultaneously over the data
    • Productivity of users/employees also improves by flexibility to work from anywhere since cloud providers makes data available globally

I hope in this article we understand the various benefits cloud computing have.

What Next: In next article we will discuss various cloud deployment methods. Following are the cloud deployment methods:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Community cloud

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  1. Computers in the present generation deal with the system of cloud computing. This feature is similar to the memory storage where a person is able to set their own records of information.

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