The Go Language – Introduction Part 1

Go lang
Go lang

Hi All,

Greetings for the day!!!

Today we are starting series on Go Language and try to cover all aspects of Go Language. This is first article and I’ll try keep it as simple as possible

Take away from this article – From this article we will understand

  • What is the Go programming language
  • Why to use the Go programming language
  • Application of the Go programming language


  • Recently I got an opportunity to work on Docker and Kubernetes
  • While studying / implementing Docker / Kubernetes I got to know that Docker and Kubernetes are written in Go language
  • Also my favourite Microsoft Graph APIs are supported in Go language
  • I got excited to learn / understand Go language

What is the Go programming language

  • Go is an open source programming language
  • Go is compiled programming language
  • Initially compiler for Go is written in c language but now written in Go language it self – self-hosted
  • Go is statically-typed programming language – means developer must declare every variable
  • Go is procedural and concurrent programming language

History of Go programming language

  • Go language is developed by Ken Thompson, Robert Griesemer and Rob Pike at Google, launched in 2009
  • Go version 1.0 is released in March 2012
  • Latest version – Go 1,18 released on 15 March 22

Why to use Go programming language

  • Go is simple
  • Go code is compact
  • Go is much easier to learn and code
  • Go is faster to compile
  • Less learning time
  • Go has nice standard libraries
  • Easy memory management
  • Allows us develop applications / softwares at faster speed
  • High level support for concurrency – use of multi-core processor architectures

Application of Go programming language – Following are few applications, list is long

  • Go is best suited for System programming
  • Several big banks are using Go
  • Go helps enterprises build and scale cloud computing systems
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) applications / Command Line Tools
  • Web development – designed to enable developers to fast implement secure, scalable web applications
  • DevOps automations
  • Companies like Google, Apple, Uber are using Go language – You will find all go case studies here –

Please feel free to discuss in case any point / issue / suggestion / thoughts

Thanks for reading !!! HAVE A GREAT TIME AHEAD 🙂

Prasham Sabadra

LIFE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL :) ENJOY THE WHOLE JOURNEY :) Founder of Knowledge Junction and, Author, Learner, Passionate Techie, avid reader. Certified Professional Workshop Facilitator / Public Speaker. Scrum Foundation Professional certificated. Motivational, Behavioral , Technical speaker. Speaks in various events including SharePoint Saturdays, Boot camps, Collages / Schools, local chapter. Can reach me for Microsoft 365, Azure, DevOps, SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform, JavaScript.

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