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In one of the my previous article, we discussed about FOCUS – One of the key Ingredient of success formula.  Today I’ll share few of my observations regarding how easily we distracted or lose our focus. How important is to be always being focused.

Recently I am observing myself how the external things / our surroundings affect our day to day life. In this case we most of the time losses our focus from our goals. Sometimes we forgot our important tasks. Time get wasted in unnecessary things. We got easily angry, disappointed. This may lead to behavior change or our major loss.

There are lots of such examples which we can share, following are few of those which I observed for my self:

Gossiping / Unnecessary chat: Got stuck with friends, colleagues, doing gossiping or unnecessary discussion. Here, I doesn’t mean not to speak with friends:). We easily forgot our important tasks and then those become critical ones. I remember, once I got in gossiping with friends on unnecessary subjects and I couldn’t reach at home where my family is waiting for me. Kids are disappointed since I can’t take them to garden. Here I need to understand my priorities need to ignore rest.

Overthinking / Thinking about others what they will think:Somebody has told us something and then over thinking on it. Or too much thinking about what others will say. Always remember nobody has time to think about others and if somebody has then that’s their problem and not ours. We didn’t realize / understand that some people say something unintentionally or intentionally. It’s up to us what we think about over self. Self-assurance is two-thirds of success. I’ll like to share example here, one of my friend has started diet and gym to get fit, but then some of other friends try to demotivate him by saying that what a fatty stomach or diet is not working, or you can’t do and so on. It’s really up to us whether should we keep going by ignoring such comments or take those personally and overthink on those. Overthinking / worrying kills us. We must ignore such kind of negativity surrounding us and move forward positively. We shouldn’t loose our focus. Its better to be inn hell with a wise man than in heaven with an idiot.

Getting disturbed or angry: I realize that most of the time, we easily got angry for very small-small issues. Or we got angry on things which already happened and now nothing in our hand. Rather ignoring them or looking positively, we get angry, our behavior changes and then again, disappointments, depression etc. get started. We very easily loose focus. Also, here one more observation is most of the time we got angry on those to whom we love most like Kids, Husband / Wife or close friends. Sometime our whole day get affected or some time we have important meeting and it goes bad. Sometimes we lose our important customer or may be accident while driving. Here important thing is it affect only to us. So, it’s important to ignore the things which are not in our hand or now we can’t do anything except proceeding further positively. The arrow that left the bow never returns.

Rest include, Social Media, Televisions and so on. Just sit and check in a day how many time you check various social media apps. How much time is spending on Televisions. We also need to check how we get affected due to others social medias status / negative news on televisions / negative news from the printed medias and so on. Here, I am not saying all these things are not good, any kind of social media have its own advantage as well. But spending access time is dangerous, affecting our self negatively from these is very harmful. We must set some specific amount time for those and take only positive things which are important for us rest ignoring all.

This list will continue to be big…

All in all, there are lots of such incidents in our day-day to life. Important thing is ignoring all the unnecessary stuff and moving ahead positively towards our goals.  We most leave the things which are not in our hand or out of our control. We must leave the life very calmly. Always remember “Every adversity has seed of an equal or more benefit.

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. – Mark Twain

How to be stay Focused:

  1. Goals: Always remember our goals. Keep the list in our pocket daily so that we won’t forget.
  2. Task Prioritization/ Maintaining To-Do list: Priorities our tasks on daily basis and keep track of those. Start our morning with daily to-do lists. Well begun is half done.
  3. Exercise: Proper diet, exercise, keep us fit which ultimately keep us motivated and positive. Which help us to concentrate.
  4. Keeping company of motivational books / Audios / videos. Reading autobiographies of successful people
  5. No Multitasking: Do one task at a time. Don’t go for multitasking. Our mind is to be focused one task at a time –Concentrate All Your Thoughts upon the Work at Hand. The Sun’s Rays Do Not Burn – Alexander Graham Bell
  6. Meditation: Meditation enhances the focus. Its scientifically proven student who mediate on daily basis perform better than the student who does not mediate.


Thanks for reading 🙂

Keep reading, share your thoughts, experiences. Feel free to contact us to discuss more. If you have any suggestion / feedback / doubt, you are most welcome.

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Prasham Sabadra

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