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Today we will discuss, how to send the emails to individual channel of the Microsoft Team so that email will appear in “Conversations” of channel and all member can see it.

How to get specific channel email address?

1. Select the channel of which we need to get the email address and click on “More options” as shown in below figure, here “Test Team Through Desktop Client” is my team name and “General” is default channel created

fig1more options

Fig 1 : Office 365 – Microsoft Teams – Channel – “More Options”

2. Click on “Get email address” option as

fig 2 get emaill address option

Fig 2 : Microsoft Teams – Channel – “Get email address” option

3. As we click on “Get email address” option “Get email address” dialog will appear, from which we will get the respective channel email address as

fig 3 get email address dialog

Fig 3 : Microsoft Teams – Channel – “Get email address” dialog to get the channel email address

4. Format of channel email address is<randomtext>.<our Tenant>

Example – General – Test Team Through Desktop Client <>

5. On the above dialog there is “advanced settings” link available if we will click it there are options regarding who can send the email to this channel or emails should be sent from given domains as

fig4 advanced setting

Fig 3 : Office 365 : Microsoft Teams – Channel – “Get email address” dialog – Advanced settings

Once we have channel email address, we can send email even from our outlook and that email address appears in “Conversation” section as

fig5 email in conversation section

Fig 4 : Office 365 – Microsoft Teams – Channel – sample received email  appears in Conversation  tab of channel – email sent to channel from my custom email id

One important point: We didn’t get this channel email id programmatically like either from CSOM or from Graph APIs. There is no such API available. We get channel email address only from Microsoft Desktop Client.

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