Office 365 – Modern sites / Microsoft Teams- few facts about deleting modern sites or Teams

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Today few new facts which I got to know when we need to delete the existing Modern Site or Team. We all know when we create the modern site / Team behind the scene Office 365 group is created.


So when we delete the modern site, the group, sites shared mailbox and all its documents, emails and tasks associated with site is deleted.


There is no delete option available on site settings page (_layouts/15/settings.aspx) like on classic sites. Not sure why this option is not available for modern sites.


Option available for delete site is on “Edit site information” popup as

fig1-delete site option

Fig 1. Delete site option from “Edit site information” popup

Other option available is deleting the group from Admin Center site. Navigate to Groups from Admin center site as


fig2-groups option

Fig 2. Navigating groups from admin site

Groups listing page will open (, select the group which we want to delete and click “Delete group” button as


fig3-delete groups option

Fig 3. Selecting group for deleting from group listings from admin site


But important points are there is bit difference when we delete site and delete group. If we restore deleted group, site for group is restored and it works again.


But when we delete from “Edit site information” popup, even though we restore respective group site never opens – we always get “404 FILE NOT FOUND” as


fig4-delete site - file not found option

Fig 4. “404 FILE NOT FOUND” when we are accessing site after restoring from delete site option

Also we observed that deleted modern sites / Teams always get in search result.


Deleted modern sites / Teams  also rendered in Following sites SharePoint page of root site (_layouts/15/sharepoint.aspx?v=following) as


deleted sites in followed sites

Fig 5. Deleted modern sites / teams in followed sites component

We have raised this issue to Microsoft. We will update again once we have update.


If some of us have any other experience or more details, you are most welcome to share or put the comments here.


Keep reading, share your thoughts, experiences. Feel free to contact us to discuss more. If you have any suggestion / feedback / doubt, you are most welcome.


Stay tuned on Knowledge-Junction, will come up with more such articles.


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