Badminton – Fun to Benefits.

This article is for those who’s ever wondered why people are hitting a bird like object back and forth across a net. For those who play badminton just for fun. Let’s add some knowledge from our junction to this fun game and obtain benefits out it.

Whenever someone ask you to do something, we question them back “What are the Benefits”. As soon as you come across a deal, you start calculating. Investment + Time = Benefits + Fun + Discount?

A significant benefit of sports is that it assists in increasing a person’s overall health. Doing right by your body pays off for your body and mind as well.

Badminton is fun activity good for family and friends to bond. At the same time, it is also an effective calorie-burner that not only builds strength but put your reflexes to the test.

Basic equipments to start Badminton.

• Two or Four Racquets/ Rackets
• Badminton Court and Play area
• Badminton Shoes
• Shuttlecock
• Bags
• Rules

Selection of Racket depends on below factor: –

  • Grip as per your wrist.
  • Weight (U), Shaft Length and Shape of Head as per you Strength/Power.

How to check which is the right Racket for you? Keep your finger in the middle of your racket’s shaft and compare with below image.


Fig 1.0 Selection of Racket by checking Balance.

Oval is for professional as Challengers/Champs/Pros have the ability to use the sweet spot and Isometric shape have more area to hit the shuttle without banging on the string ends or the frame is for entry level players.


Fig 1.1 Sweet Spot

Standard Court Size

The badminton net height is 1.55 meters. Length 13.4 meters X width 6.1 meters. The thickness of the line is 40mm wide.

Court area for Doubles and Singles


Fig 2.0 Court Play Area




Fig 2.1 Court Play Area


Badminton shoes helps badminton players to play their finest game, reduce chances of injury and Cramp due to its Hexa Grip. All badminton shoes use special sole which help to increase grip on wooden floor or specialized rubber mat court. These shoes protect court floor too



Fig 2.0 Shoes


A badminton shuttle can be the synthetic or feather type.


Fig 3.0 Selection of Shuttlecock

Slow for occasional player, Medium for regular and Fast for professionals. Remember incorrect shuttle speeds de-skills the game. A slow speed means it is easier to control the shuttle, easier to keep the shuttle in and easier to return a smash.


Protect your equipment. At least your racket.


Fig 4.0 Racket cover and Bags

Lets start the Game. Service is decided by tossing coin.


Fig 5.0 Game Start.

Matches rules are:

  • A match consists of best of 3 games of 12 points
  • If a score becomes 20-20, the side which scores 2 consecutive points shall win that game.
  • The side winning a game serves first in the next game.
  • 60 second break between after 11 points and get a 2-minute break between each game


You win the point if:

  • The shuttle lands inside your opponent’s side of the court.
  • Your opponent hits the shuttle and it lands outside of the lines.
  • Your opponent touches the net or steps on your side of the court.
  • The shuttle touches your opponent or their clothes.
  • Your opponent hits the shuttle under the net.
  • Your opponent hits the shuttle while it is still on your side of the court. (It is okay if they hit the shuttle on their side of the court but their racket ends on your side of the court).
  • If the shuttle is caught and held on the racket and then slung during the execution of a stroke.
  • If a player purposely distracts an opponent by any action such as shouting or making gestures.
  • If the shuttle is hit twice in succession by the same player with two strokes.

At last the most important part. Benefits of playing Badminton.


Fig 6.0 Benefits

Thanks for reading 🙂

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