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This is my first blog on this knowledge Junction platform. I hope this blog will help you in some way. This blog is explaining about, how to install Azure modules. There are different ways to install AZURE modules for your Windows Power Shell. Please find the following approaches to achieve the goal:

  • Using Web Installer
  1. Access the below URL :
  2. Here you will find many AZURE installer packages. Please choose the required package for installation.
    Go to Command-line Tools –> Click on “Windows Installnull
    Figure.1 Azure_Donwload Windows Install-CLI

    It will open Web Installer 5.0 with latest AZURE POWERSHELL package. (wait for some time)

  3. null
    Figure.2 Azure_Web-Installer

  4. Click on Install to start the installation.It will take some time to install all the AZURE modules.
  •  Using PowerShell Gallery

Note: This will work only if you are using WINDOWS 10.

  1. Open PowerShell ISE/Windows PowerShell.
  2. Check if the AZURE module is already installed by executing following powershell command
    get-module AZURERM -ListAvailable

    If the module is already available then you will see the output as in following figure.

    Figure.3 Azure_PowerShell-get-modules

  3. If module has not installed yet,then we will see a blank output.In this case we need to install the module using following commandline.

    Install-Module -name AZURERM
  4. Update the module if the module already installed using following command line.
  5. update-Module -name AzureRM
  6. Please verify the folder “C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules”.You will not find any AZURE packages before you run INSTALL-MODULE -NAME AZURE.
    Once you started execute the install-module, it will download the modules from internet and place under the folder.

    Figure.4 Azure_Path-of-modules

  8. Then verify the installation
    Figure.5 Azure_PowerShell-get-modules

    Figure.6 AZURE-Login Command

    AD Auth
    Figure.7 AZURE AD Authentication

  • AZURE Cloud Shell
  1. Login to AZURE Portal and Please follow the below snapshots

  2. Figure.8 AZURE Dashboard

  3. Click on PowerShell (WINDOWS) button to create teh storage.

  4. Figure.9 AZURE Cloud Shell

  5. Create Storage by clicking Create Storage button.

  6. Figure.10 AZURE- Create Storage

    Figure.11 Azure Module ready

Note: I haven’t explain but in the article but still you LINUX guys can use the PowerShell AZURE module in different LINUX like Ubuntu, Fedora etc.

Reference Article : Cloudranger Video Gallery

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