Knowledge Junction completes 1 year – Thanks to all readers

Hi All,

In this month Knowledge Junction completed 1 year. I’ll take this opportunity to say thanks to all the readers. It’s really 1-year wonderful journey and for me it’s very successful. I must say it was not possible without all of you who are reading articles on Knowledge Junction. I am very thankful to each of you.

At the same time, I’ll like to hear you from all of you, your suggestions, feedback, comments matter a lot for us. I request please free to share your feedback, comments and suggestions. Even though if you think any topic on which you will like to read please share. We will try to have articles on those.

At the same time, I’ll also like to share few of the achievements of Knowledge Junction:

  1. We have total articles – 133
  2. We have total views – 25,000 +
  3. We have total number of visitors – 10000 +
  4. We have total number of Likes – 1200 +
  5. Total no of registered users on Knowledge Junction – 375
  6. Total no of Facebook likes – 500 +
  7. Total no of Facebook Followers – 520 +
  8. We try to cover different different topics – Motivational articles, Fitness, Paintings, Music, Technical articles (C++, Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Certification etc.)
  9. We have visitors from across all over the world – India, United States, Finland, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Netherland, France, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Poland …… etc. list is very big.

We are on first page in google search as in below figure


Figure 1: Knowledge Junction completed 1 year – On first page in google search

I’ll also like to promise in coming days you will find more interesting articles and I am sure you will enjoy those. We will continue this our journey. We will do more hard work.

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

Rome was not built in a day

We are very passionate, enthusiastic.

Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We have set now new targets for all of us for next year. But requires your support, without your support it’s not possible.

One more thing I’ll like to highlight is we also conduct sessions for schools (how to prepare for the exams, vision and so on) collages, carrier guidance for collage students, Motivations / Behavioral sessions for students, adults, senior citizens, technical sessions on Office 365, Azure etc. at free of cost. Please free to contact us and we will definitely like to help / support you.  

I’ll like to repeat here purpose of Knowledge Junction – Make this world better to live, unite and grow together.

United we stand, divided we fall.

grow together

Figure 2: Knowledge Junction completed 1 year – Make this world better to live, unite and grow together.



Prasham Sabadra

LIFE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL :) ENJOY THE WHOLE JOURNEY :) Founder of Knowledge Junction and, Author, Learner, Passionate Techie, avid reader. Certified Professional Workshop Facilitator / Public Speaker. Scrum Foundation Professional certificated. Motivational, Behavioral , Technical speaker. Speaks in various events including SharePoint Saturdays, Boot camps, Collages / Schools, local chapter. Can reach me for Microsoft 365, Azure, DevOps, SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform, JavaScript.

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