Microsoft 365 – SharePoint Tenant URL Rename – General Availability – New Feature / Feature Update

Adding custom domain to Microsoft 365 Tenant
Adding custom domain to Microsoft 365 Tenant

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Continue exploring Microsoft 365. Today new feature which was announced at Ignite 2022

Feature : SharePoint Tenant URL Rename – General Availability


  • Now, the ability to rename our SharePoint domain URL is generally available to organizations that have less than 10,000 total sites (including OneDrive and SharePoint sites)
  • This is the scenario when we start our Tenant with test name like KnoweldgeJunctionQA and later want to change the tenant name – KnowledgeJunction so that we can also change the URL
  • There is also case of merging two companies / acquisition  / rebranding and changing the Tenant name with some common name
  • With the tenant rename capability, we will be able to have the SharePoint domain in all site URLs updated to the new name
  • Currently this feature is only available to organizations that have no more than 10,000 total SharePoint sites and OneDrive accounts combined

First STEP – Adding new custom domain

We have detailed article for configuring and managing custom domains , please follow the steps. Preparing exam SC – 300 – Identity and Access Administrator – Configure and manage custom domains – Study material – Part 3

fig : Azure Active Directory admin center - adding custom domain to Microsoft 365 Tenant
fig : Azure Active Directory admin center – adding custom domain to Microsoft 365 Tenant

Next Step is Use Microsoft PowerShell to rename domain

Following are the detailed steps. Since currently I do not have test tenant to test rename feature, here sharing the steps. One option is to create a test Tenant under Microsoft 365 Developer Program – and execute following steps

  • Connect to our Microsoft 365 tenant using following PowerShell CMDLET – Connect-SPOService
  • Run the “SharePoint Online Management Shell” in administrator mode. Make sure we have latest updated version of “SharePoint Online Management Shell

Connect-SPOService -Url ""

  • We need to connect either through “Global Administrator” or “SharePoint Administrator” role
  • Once we successfully connected, next step is renaming using PowerShell CMDLET – Start-SPOTenantRename

Start-SPOTenantRename -DomainName <DomainName> -ScheduledDateTime <YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS> [-WhatIf] [-Confirm]

Note If we get error 773 “Not Implemented” when we try to domain rename, the feature isn’t enabled yet for our organization

  • If in between we want to stop the renaming of our Tenant, we can use PowerShell CMDLET – Stop-SPOTenantRename

    -Reason <string>
    [-Comment <string>]

Using Get-SPOTenantRenameStatus Knowing the status of renaming of our Tenant

  • We could verify our rename status by using the PowerShell CMDLET – Get-SPOTenantRenameStatus
  • This command gets the status of the job to rename the SharePoint domain name for your organization
  • To execute CMDLET – Get-SPOTenantRenameStatus – make sure we are opening new instance of “SharePoint Online Management Shell” and re-login again



    • This change affects only SharePoint and OneDrive URLs. It doesn’t impact email addresses
      • This feature isn’t available for organizations that have set up multi-geo
      • When we rename your SharePoint domain, we create a redirect at the previous address which will expire 1 year after the rename
      • We can only rename our SharePoint domain once. If we need additional renames, we need to submit a support request by selecting Rename a SharePoint Tenant more than once
      • Changing SharePoint domain name back to the original name after you rename it isn’t supported

      To know / understand the impact on other Apps and SharePoint features (like Hub Site / Power Automate / Power BI / Project Online / Microsoft Teams / Deleted sites / previously created Public sites) please have a look on detailed article from Microsoft –


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