Azure – Cloud Governance – Parameter Need To Be Specified When Blueprint is Assigned.

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I am continuing with one of my last article, How To Create And Assign Azure Blueprint. If you have missed our last articles on Azure Governance, please check it in following links.

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How To Create And Assign Azure Blueprint

Today in this article we will discuss, how to set artifact parameters when assigning the Azure Blueprint to Management Group/Subscription.

When I was assigning my first Azure Blueprint after publishing it , I was not able to modify the artifact property value. Because all properties fields ware in disabled state. I had to assigned the Blueprint, to different subscription, with different parameter values for different environment. It is not a best solution to modify the property value and republish the Blueprint every time we want to assign the Blueprint to a subscription.

So after googling some time , I came to know that, when we are adding any artifact to a Blueprint, for each editable properties, there is a check box, which allow us to provide/set parameter value when assigning the Blueprint.

As in the following image we can see, I have one artifact to create one Resource Group and my requirement is, to create different Resource Group with different name, respected to assigned Subscription/Management Group. So that, when I will assign the blueprint to a subscription, it should ask me to provide/set the name of the Resource Group. In the following figure we can see, there is one option to check if we want to provide value later.

Figure 1 : Azure – Blueprint parameter configuration

As in the above figure, I am creating one Resource Group and checked the checkbox to set the value for Resource Group Name at the time of assignment also leave the Location field unchecked. In the following Figure, it is allowing me to provide the value for the Resource Group Name but not for Location field.

Figure 2 : Azure – Blueprint parameters

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