Office 365 – SPFX solution deployment error – Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already. And having some correlation ID.

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Today new issue and solution 🙂

Background: Recently, I am working on one of the O365 Intranet application where we are building SPFX web parts and extensions.

We are creating the package using gulp, uploading respective JS files into local document library (here we are not using CDN) and uploading package into SharePoint app catalog. We were doing globally deployment so that all our components will be available for whole tenant.

We had build successful, bundle successful and package also created successfully. So for so good 🙂 Problem starts when we were uploading package into SharePoint AppCatalog and deploy, deployment was going unsuccessful. It was showing below error:

Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already. And having some correlation ID.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to scan the logs in O365.

We were wondering whats going wrong and then off course google 🙂

Solution: On few of the articles we found that this issue occurs because of same GUID of either solution or webparts in different solution as well. We have observed that there are multiple packages deployed in our tenant

So we changed the GUID of our solution and of all webparts. Build the solution again, bundle and created package successfully. Again while uploading package in SharePoint AppCatlog and while deploying it again throw the same exception.

Then after bit more googling we found that there a list called “Client Side Component Manifests” (/sites/appcatalog/Lists/ComponentManifests/AllItem.aspx) available in AppCatalog site collection.

This list stores all client components manifests (Extensions as well WebParts

We need to remove the entries from this list for our package components and uploaded the package again. And this time package get successfully deployed 🙂

Key Takeaways:

  1. Make sure that there were no duplicate IDs to the WebParts
  2. Make sure that there were no duplicate IDs to the solution for different solutions in tenant
  3. Make sure that we delete the entries of SPFX components of our solution from “Client Side Component Manifests” list.

References: – SharePoint SPFx Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already error

Thanks for reading 🙂

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