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In this blog I am going to explain new features of Visual Studio 2019. And how these features can make us more productive.  will check some topic

What is IDE?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. This visual Studio tool will help you for the software development.  It will help to be very productive in your development work. Visual Studio is an incredible editor with advanced code editor features that help you to create software in any language i.e. C++ , C# , .net, Python, Java Script, R, J, and TypeScript, and many more languages and It has Visual Studio has advanced debugging and diagnostics features.

Visual Studio is used for local and remote debugging of any type of code i.e. JavaScript, multi-threaded code and used for software testing purpose. You can write and execute unit tests, integration tests, performance tests, stress and load tests.

This tool will help to collaborate with version control systems, like Azure DevOps Repos, GitHub TFS.

There are many extensions are available in marketplace you can download and use, also you can write and publish your own.

Download Visual Studio 2019

You can download Visual Studio form this website.

 You will find latest version of Visual Studio. For me in todays date it is showing latest version Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio Editions

   Figure 1 – Visual Studio 2019- Download

There are different versions of the product, Community, Professional and enterprise

  1. The Community editions is free for students, open-source contributors, and individuals
  2. the Professional is used for suited to small teams
  3. the Enterprise is Scalable, end-to-end solution for teams of any size.

You can compare the product on this website. You can compare the Supported Features and take decision which product you required.

Visual Studio Features

There are some Visual Studio features that increase your productivity

1.Export and Share Installation Settings

This feature will help to make sure that your new installation of Visual Studio 2019 has the same features as your previous version. For the importing and exporting setting please click on Visual Studio Installer. In that you can see all the Visual Studio installed versions. In my case I have only Visual Studio 2019.  (for reference please see Figure 2 – Visual Studio 2019- Installer) After exporting you can save them as a file, and you can share that setting file with your team as well. When you share this with your team please make sure that everyone has the same workloads installed.

Figure 2 – Visual Studio 2019- Installer

2.The new Search.

While working with Visual Studio I found this is very interesting part. In previous versions of Visual Studio, for search we have the quick launch bar but in the new Visual Studio 2019 the quick launch bar has been replaced by an all new search bar.

In Visual Studio the search is now a fuzzy search, so you don’t have to be precise in your search. It’s much more act like modern search engines. It is very fast and smart search also you can do anything from search now. This search is context sensitive so you will get result is based on context.

You can use Shortcut key CTRL+Q.

Figure 3 – Visual Studio 2019- Search

3.Code clean-up (one-click code cleanup)

 Code cleanup is another new feature of Visual Studio in that you can quickly see what the health status of document. this mostly used for identifying and then fix both warnings and suggestions with the one click of a button.

Figure 4 – Visual Studio 2019- Code cleanup

In figure 4, you can see that the red squiggle that are error and green squiggle that are warnings. The errors are clear. The warnings tell that the variable var is declared but never used. you can easily fix the warnings with one-click code cleanup. For code cleanup keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+K , Ctrl+E .

Figure 5 – Visual Studio 2019- Configure Code cleanup.

You can configure code cleanup profiles with some target specific cleanup rules after that you can use them with one click. This profile available some rules like Applying implicit or explicit type references, sorting usings, remove unnecessary usings and there are many more that you can add or remove depends upon your need. For reference please check Figure 5 – Visual Studio 2019- Configure Code cleanup.

            Figure 6 – Visual Studio 2019- Code Style

You can configure the behavior in the Code Style settings and those settings you can export by click on “Generate .editorconfig file from setting“ button. These exported files you can share with your team.  For opening code style click on Tools and then Options or just type “Code Style “in search for reference please check Figure 6 – Visual Studio 2019- Code Style.png

4.Visual Studio Live Share

Figure 7 – Visual Studio 2019- Live Share

This is the most interesting feature ware you can Collaboratively edit and debug code with others developer in real time. You can instantly and securely share your project with others and also you can debug the code. it doesn’t matter if the other person is using Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, and it also doesn’t matter which operating system is they are using. You can also debug your application together. There’s also a live audio feature that connects you by voice, so that you can talk to each other.

Figure 8 – Visual Studio 2019- Live Share URL

As a developer you are working on your machine. Sometimes you need help to solve the problem or you need opinion or maybe get the review of the code before that code going to production. In this case with the help of live Share, you can share your code instantly without having to download own copy.

Figure 9 – Visual Studio 2019- Live Share code

Figure 10 – Visual Studio 2019- Live Share demo

Use following steps to perform live share.

  • Click on live share (please refer Figure 7 – Visual Studio 2019- Live Share)
  • Click on copy invitation link (please refer Figure 8 – Visual Studio 2019- Live Share URL)
  • For demo I have opened Visual Studio code on same machine. (please refer Figure 9 – Visual Studio 2019- Live Share code)
  • If live share extension is not available, please install this extension.
  • In Visual Studio code please click on live share extension and pest copped URL in “join collaborative session”.
  • Now live sharing will start. for demo I have opened both Visual Studio on same machine (please refer Figure 10 – Visual Studio 2019- Live Share demo).


For more information please visit

The developer assistant that’s based on AI. It provides assisted IntelliSense. Instead of giving you code completion suggestions that are just in alphabetical order, it puts what you’re most likely to use first. To get most likely by learning from thousands of open source projects. And by learning from your own code because that’s the only place it can learn about the classes that you have written. IntelliCode suggestion based on this context. For reference  please check figure 11 – Visual Studio 2019- intellicode

Figure 11 – Visual Studio 2019- intellicode


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