Microsoft Teams: Limits – Increasing team membership limit to 10,000 and few points about teams creation limit

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Today again sharing one small news from Microsoft related to Microsoft Teams 🙂 And will discuss couple of points related to Teams creation limits as we have recent experience related to the same.

New feature: Microsoft is increasing the individual Teams membership limit to 10,000 users. Interesting 🙂

Roll-out duration: This roll-out is started for all customers by end of April. Expected to complete by end of May.

Office 365 Road Map – This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 62549

M365 – Microsoft Teams – Increasing the individual team members feature roadmap
Fig1: M365 – Microsoft Teams – Increasing the individual team members feature roadmap

Any action needs to take: From admin perspective no further actions need to be taken. This feature will be enabled by default. May be organizations need to update the training material / documentation for the users.

Few points about teams creation limit:

Details: One of our customer appointed a user to create all the Teams for the organization. But very soon realized that a normal user can create only 250 Teams. This is by design limit.

Global Admin role has exempt, Global Admin has no limit for Teams creation.

But some organizations are not willing to have giving permissions to user as a Global Admin role just to create Teams. Since it may be security issue.

So we have other alternative implemented, written application and use GRAPH APIs to create O365 groups / teams on be half Azure App.


  1. If Teams to be created less than 250 then no problem :). This is the case may be for small organizations.
  2. If for organization its ok to Global Admin can create Teams then no problem 🙂
  3. Write a application (console/CSOM), use GRAPH APIs to create Office 365 Groups / Teams. Execute the code on behalf of Azure App. Automate the Teams creation. This is the most preferable approach.


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