SharePoint 2019 : Resolved link to “SharePoint Home Page” is not visible in top suit bar. “SharePoint” and “OneDrive” apps are not visible under Apps section.

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Today new issue πŸ™‚ and solution πŸ™‚

Before starting actual issue and solution lets have a short discussion for What is SharePoint Home?

SharePoint Home:

  1. SharePoint home is a modern UX page, available out-of-box- in SharePoint Server 2019.
  2. On this page user can easily find and access their SharePoint sites.
  3. On this page user can view
    • Activities in the sites they follow
    • Suggested sites – Sites which have the most activity that current user is not following
    • Shows the sites which current user follows in cards format
    • news across their sites
    • Can add featured links
    • We could have “+ Create site” link there based on user permissions and setting set for “Self-Service Site Creation (SSSC)” feature
SharePoint 2019 - SharePoint home page in my local environment
Fig1:SharePoint 2019 – SharePoint home page in my local environment

Background / Use Case: As mentioned in last article started working on SharePoint 2019 project. After long time started looking into On-Premises environment πŸ™‚

We have observed that there is on “SharePoint” text which points to “SharePoint Home Page” (/_layouts/16/SharePoint.aspx) as

SharePoint 2019 - No "SharePoint" - SharePoint Home Page link
Fig2:SharePoint 2019 – No “SharePoint” – SharePoint Home Page link

Also there is no apps under Apps under App Launcher as

SharePoint 2019 - No "SharePoint" app under Apps section
Fig3:SharePoint 2019 – No “SharePoint” app under Apps section

Solution: After bit googling I realize that there certain prerequisites which are required to have “SharePoint Home Page” link.

Following are the prerequisites which requires:

  1. User Profile Service Application
  2. Since User Profile Service requires “My Site Host” site collection so the “My Site Host” site collection
  3. Search Service Application
  4. Configuration of Enterprise Search Center site
  5. Managed Metadata Service Application

In our farm, we realized that we don’t have configured the User Profile Service Application though we have “Managed Metadata Service Application” and “Search Service Application” are in place . Since our IT team does all configuration, in first attempt we didn’t realized that User Profile Service Application is not configured.

Once we have configured “User Profile Service” application and configured “Enterprise Search Center Site” we got link to “SharePoint Home Page” in suit bar and “OneDrive” & “SharePoint” apps under “Apps” section as shown in below figures:

SharePoint 2019 - "SharePoint" - link to "SharePoint Home Page" is visible
Fig4:SharePoint 2019 – “SharePoint” – link to “SharePoint Home Page” is visible πŸ™‚
SharePoint 2019 - "OneDrive" and "SharePoint" apps are visible under "Apps" section
Fig5:SharePoint 2019 – “OneDrive” and “SharePoint” apps are visible under “Apps” section


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