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Today new issue and solution 🙂 small article but since it took time to solve me so thought to share.

Background: I have a Publishing page layout on which I have some custom fields. For these fields I need to have a validation. So, I used PreSaveItem() function in my JavaScript code for validation but it only works on NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx pages in SharePoint and not on publishing page.


  • If you inspect Save button on publishing page. You will find that CoreInvoke() function is getting called on button click as shown in fig.
SharePoint - Invocation of CoreInvoke() method
Fig1 : SharePoint – Invocation of CoreInvoke() method
  • We have to override CoreInvoke() method.
    CoreInvoke = function(action, target)
  • This method should be executed when user click Save button on when publishing page is in edit mode.
  • Put the following code in your js. The code should be executed only when action is PageActionClick.
//override the CoreInvoke function
CoreInvoke = function (action, target)
    If(action == ‘PageActionClick’)
        //Your validation code here
	If($(“input[type=’radio’]:checked”).length == 0)
            alert(‘No radio button selected’);
            return false;
	    // ooBCoreInvoke function here to save form
	    ooBCoreInvoke(action, target);
  • This way you can have publishing page validation using JavaScript.

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