Ubuntu : Running .NET Core console application

Executing .NET core console application on LINUX
Executing .NET core console application on LINUX

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Today something new 🙂 Running .NET core HelloWorld console application on Ubuntu box

Background / Details :

  • Here, we might have a questions what is the need to execute the .NET core application on Ubuntu
  • I am studying / understanding DOCKER and KUBERNAETES for this I need to create docker image from scratch and trying simple application and this is the first step

STEP 1 : First step is to install dotnet core on our LINUX / UBUNTU box

  • I have created UBUNTU vm on my free subscribed AZURE
  • We could verify if dotnet is installed or not by executing command dotnet

Fig: Running .NET Core console application – verifying if DOTNET is installed or not
  • If dotnet is not installed then we get the below message as shown in above Fig

Command ‘dotnet’ not found, but can be installed with:

sudo snap install dotnet-sdk

  • Lets install the dotnet as shown in below steps
Fig: Running .NET Core console application
Fig: Running .NET Core console application
  • Once DOTNET installed successfully, we will get success message as shown in below fig
Fig: Running .NET Core console application

STEP 2 : Creating simple “Hello World” .NET core console application

  • To create console application having name – “KnowledgeJunction.NetCore.Docker”, we will execute the command
dotnet new console -o App -n KnowledgeJunction.NetCore.Docker

Fig: Running .NET Core console application – Creating DOTNET core console application
Fig: Running .NET Core console application – App folder in which our console application solution structure will be created
  • We have solution structure as in App folder as shown in below Fig with following files
    • KnowledgeJunction.NetCore.Docker.csproj
    • Program.cs
Fig: Running .NET Core console application – Solution contains .CSPROJ and Program.cs files
  • Open the “Program.cs” file in Terminal
Fig: Running .NET Core console application – Program.cs file

Step 3 : Build and Run the application – Next step is build and run our applicationlets see the output

  • To build our appliaction we will execute dotnet command with build option as
dotnet build

Fig: Running .NET Core console application – Building our aplication using – dotnet build
  • This is the simple console application so its ok to open files in Terminal
  • But for our large applications / solutions I will go for Visual Studio Code. I have installed the Visual Studio Code We have detailed article for installing Visual Studio Code on LINUX boxLinux / Ubuntu : Installing Visual Studio Code
  • Once we have Visual Studio Code, I have also installed C# extention for Visual Studio Code
  • Open the our project folder in Visual Studio Code as shown in below Fig
  • From “Visual Studio Code” terminal we will build and run our application
  • On successful build we could run our application to have output
dotnet run

Fig: Running .NET Core console application – Opened our project folder in “Visual Studio Code”

We have very good series of articles on Ubuntu / Linux – https://knowledge-junction.in/category/technology-articles/linux/

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