Python : Basic code: 01

Hello friends, lets start the actually work before that we need to know some basic so lets start 🙂

see python have single line and multiple line comment now what is comment? If you don’t know then please have a look on my first article single line comment is given by # and multiple line comment is given by “”” “””

1)To print hello

fig 1

2)How to find type of variable ie. integer, float , string

Type integer
Type float
Type string

3)To put two print statement in one print and space is given by ,


4)To take input from user

Take input

5)To add two numbers

add number

see friends we have started the programming so do it by your own any doubt till now please comment I will try my best to solve it and yes in next article we will see some more ………till then have fun goodluck #happy coding #HAVE FUN 🙂 THANKYOU 🙂

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