M365 : SharePoint Online – My First Experience

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to share my first experience about SharePoint Online.

I am recently start working on SharePoint during this short time I learn a lot of things about SharePoint

I am sharing my learning for the guys who stating working on SharePoint.


  1. SharePoint Online is Web-Based platform and service under the Microsoft365 suits.
  2. It is used to create sites.
  3. We can create list, documents, pages as well.
  4. We can used it as a secure storage to store, organize, share and access information.
  5. It is also content management system (document management system/record management system)
  6. Since SharePoint is vast service or have a lots of features, we will discuss those one by one in upcoming articles.

I personally start working on SharePoint with create site feature. So in this article we will discuss how to create sites in SharePoint Online? Types of Site Templates?

How to create Site

Microsoft365 - App launcher
Fig : Microsoft365 – App launcher
  • We will be redirected SharePoint Online home page. – _layouts/15/sharepoint.aspx
  • Click on Create Site Option
 Microsoft365 -  Create Site Option
Fig : Microsoft365 – Create Site Option
  • Here initially we will see 2 types of templates.

Types of Templates:

  • Team Site
  • Communication Site
Microsoft365 -  Sites Templates in SharePoint Online
Fig – Microsoft365 – Sites Templates in SharePoint Online

Team Sites:

  • Team Site is basically a private site.
  • When small team work on project we can use Team Site.
  • When we create Team Site M365 group was created.
  • Example: Team site for HR department, Team site for our customer project etc.
  • HR will have at least one Team Site where the members of HR team can work privately.
  • Below we are creating one HR Department Team site.
Microsoft365 creating HR Department Team site
Fig : Microsoft365 creating HR Department Team site
  • Once site created successfully, it look like as follows
Microsoft365 - Team site home page.
Fig : Microsoft365 – Team site home page.

Communication Site:

  • Communication site opens for entire organization.
  • When we want to share information, news, story for large audience or entire organization then we use Communication Site.
  • There can be small number of content authors for specific feature like news and large number of content readers.
  • Some features about Communication Site:
    • We get a modern, widescreen no-left hand side navigation.
    • Nice search experience.
    • Lots of very useful components like News, Events, Feed, Editing rich text, Images, Publishing feature and so on.

Overall my first experience was great!! I am enjoying learning SharePoint, I’ll keep sharing my experience

Hope you understand and get idea about SharePoint.

Thanks for reading

Have a nice day 🙂

Shruti Wani

Microsoft365 developer at OS InfoTech.

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