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View the inactive SharePoint sites
Finding the Inactive sites in SharePoint

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Today I am going to discuss about how to find the inactive Sites using SharePoint Admin Center 

Let us get started with SharePoint.

If you want to know about SharePoint Online then you can read the previous article link for following is given below –

Key takeaways from this article

At the end of this article we will understand

  • We will Understand about SharePoint admin portal
  • Licenses requirement for accessing SharePoint admin portal
  • Roles / Permissions for Microsoft 365 SharePoint admin portal
  • Understand how to navigate to view the Inactive sites.

What is SharePoint admin center?

  • SharePoint administrators implement and oversee Microsoft’s SharePoint web-based document collaboration platform. They integrate Microsoft applications to allow online collaboration, create shared storage space for files, and maintain the SharePoint platform.
  • The Active sites page of the SharePoint admin center lets you view the SharePoint sites in your organization, including communication sites, channel sites, and sites that belong to Microsoft 365 groups.  
  • It also lets you sort and filter sites, search for a site, and create new sites. 
  • In SharePoint Online for Office 365, administration can be separated into three primary roles: Office 365 Global Administrator, SharePoint Online Administrator and Site Collection Administrator. 
  • A SharePoint Administrator must ensure the proper maintenance of the SharePoint platform, servers, and intranet to make sure they are functioning properly.  
  • This involves keeping a regular schedule to verify that all the required patches and updates are installed, and the platform is up to date on all security checks. 

Licenses requirement for accessing SharePoint admin portal

  • Microsoft 365 E5 or A5
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 F1

Roles / Permissions for SharePoint admin portal

  • Global Administrator
  • SharePoint administrator
  • Global reader
  • Reports reader

Identifying your least active SharePoint sites 

It can be helpful to know which of your organization’s SharePoint site collections are inactive or rarely used when reviewing sites for cleanup. A good governance strategy includes routinely reviewing existing site collections. In this recipe, we’ll go through the steps to identify the least active SharePoint site collections in your tenant.   

How to do it… 

We have the detailed article for navigate to Microsoft 365 admin center – Microsoft 365 – Navigate to Microsoft 365 admin center –

Read our article where this used –

SharePoint admin center
Fig.1 – Accessing the SharePoint admin center 
  • Expand Sites > Active sites 
View the Active sites
Fig. 2- Selecting the Active sites from Sites 
  • Scroll a bit to the right to view the columns Last activity, Page Visits, and Files 
 View the columns Last activity in Active sites
Fig.3 – Select Last activity column header and filter the list to view sites never had visited 
  • If we click on the Last activity column header, we can also filter the list on Last activity. This will give us the option, for example, to view only the sites that never had activity. A good place to start when cleaning up. 
Check the activity of single SharePoint site
Fig.4 – Open the Activity tab of the SharePoint site 
  • If we want to check the activity of a single SharePoint site, then just click on the SharePoint site and open the Activity tab. This will give you all the information you need about the site. 

Hope this article will help you to know about how to Identify your least active SharePoint sites 

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