M365 SharePoint Online – Event Web Part and Quick Link Web Part

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In last article we discuss about SharePoint online Document Web Part.

Today we will discuss about the Event Web Part and Quick Link Web part in SharePoint Online.


  • When we add a modern page to a site we add and customize web parts, which are the bulinding blocks of our page.
  • we can add text,images,files,videos,dynamic content and more using the web part.
  • In this article we discuss about Event web part,which allow us to easily display upcoming events on our page.
M365 - Event Web Part
M365 – Event Web Part

How to Add Event web part:

  • Click on edit option at the top right of the page.
  • Hover the mouse above or below an existing web part and click on Plus icon and select Event web part.
M365 – Add Event Web Part
  • Click on Add Event.
M365 - Creating Event Web Part
M365 – Creating Event Web Part
  • Give our Event a name at the top of the page. We can add an image to the title area by clicking the Add image button in the upper left.
  • In When section choose the date and time.
  • In Where section enter a location or address. If our location is right then we can add a map also.
  • In the Link section we can enter an online meeting link. If we don’t put a link this section will not appear in the event.
  • In Category section choose a category such as Meeting , Work hours ,Business ,Holiday etc.
  • We can provide description about the event in About this event area.
  • When we done click on Save

How to Edit an Event web part

Once we saved the event we can edit it on the event page

  • Select see all in the right hand corner of the event page.
  • Select event which we want to edit and select edit button at the top right of the event page.
  • Select save when we are done.

Quick Links Web Part

How to add the Quick link web part

  • If our page is not edit mode , click edit at the top right of the page.
  • Click on plus icon and add a Quick link web part.
M365 – Add Quick Link
  • Type over the Quick link title to add our own title.
M365 - Add Link Name
M365 – Add Link Name
  • To add link click on add link option
M365 - Add Links
M365 – Add Links
  • After click on add link option it will display the list of recent items.
M365 - Recently created Link List
M365 – Recently created Link List
  • Choose form recent items which we have to add into Quick link web part as a quick link.
  • Select Quick link will appear on front of the Quick link web part.
M365 - Edit Quick Link Web Part
M365 – Edit Quick Link Web Part
  • After click on edit option it will open edit panel on the right hand side
M365 - Edit Option
M365 – Edit Option
  • When we click on change option it will recent item list from there we can change the Quick link.
M365 – Change Web Part Link
  • We can see the title of our selected link in title box.
M365 - Title of Link
M365 – Title of Link
  • We can set the thumbnail image for the link.
  • Auto Selected means it will automatically selected when we add the link into Quick link web part.
  • Custom image means we can set image for the link.
  • Icon means we can select icons also.
M365 - Thumbnail Option
M365 – Thumbnail Option
  • If we give alternate text for the thumbnail then if we facing network issue then our image can’t load then we see our alternate text.
  • We can change the layout of the Quick links into various types.
M365 - Layout Option
M365 – Layout Option
  • After All changes done we have to republish the site page to appear the changes on site page.
M365 - Republish the page
M365 – Republish the page

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