Azure confidential computing – part 1

fig : confidential computing - protecting data in use
fig : confidential computing - protecting data in use

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Background / Details

  • For one of our project we need to develop the Azure confidential virtual machine – we are doing POC for storing some very business critical data (highly confidential data)
  • So started exploring Azure confidential computing and sharing details
  • In this article we will touch base about Confidential Computing and Azure Confidential Computing concepts and will explore details in further upcoming articles
  • In next upcoming articles we will discuss – creating Azure confidential virtual machines

In this article we will discuss about Confidential Computing and Azure Confidential Computing

Take away from this article

  • Understand the concept of Confidential Computing
  • Understand Azure Confidential Computing
  • Azure Confidential Computing offerings
  • Azure Confidential Computing resources

What is Confidential Computing

  • Confidential computing is an industry term defined by the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC)
  • CCC – a foundation dedicated to defining and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing
  • The CCC defines confidential computing as: The protection of data in use by performing computations in a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).
  • A TEE is an environment that enforces execution of only authorized code.
  • Any data in the TEE can’t be read or tampered with by any code outside that environment.
  • The confidential computing threat model aims at removing or reducing the ability for a cloud provider operator and other actors in the tenant’s domain to access code and data while being executed.
  • When used with data encryption at rest and in transit, confidential computing protects sensitive or highly regulated data sets and application workloads in a secure public cloud platform.
  • TEEs are also being used to protect proprietary business logic, analytics functions, machine learning algorithms, or entire applications
fig : confidential computing - protecting data in use
fig : confidential computing – protecting data in use (image courtesy – Microsoft site)

Azure confidential computing

Azure provides following suite of offerings for for running our applications confidentially

Also following computing resources


In next article we will discuss Confidential Virtual Machines

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