Microsoft 365 – Deleting Microsoft 365 group using PowerShell

Microsoft 365 – Deleting Microsoft 365 group using PowerShell
Microsoft 365 – Deleting Microsoft 365 group using PowerShell

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Today one more PowerShell script.

Background / Use Case

  • For testing purpose we have created few around 5000 thousands of Microsoft 365 group in our dev tenant
fig : Microsoft 365 admin center  >> Teams & groups >> Active teams & groups
fig : Microsoft 365 admin center >> Teams & groups >> Active teams & groups
  • After our testing we need to clean up those group
  • So we write PowerShell script to cleanup those groups and hence sharing
  • We have prepared CSV file for Microsoft 365 groups which we need to remove from our dev tenant
  • Following is sample CSV file
fig : CSV file schema
fig : CSV file schema

Detailed Steps

  • Connect to Exchange Online using PowerShell CMDLET – Connect-ExchangeOnline


  • This CMDLET will prompt for credentials – “Sign in to your account” dialog will appear as
"Sign in to your account" dialog for credentials
fig : “Sign in to your account” dialog for credentials

  • Read / Import the CSV file using Import-CSV CMDLET

$m365Groups = Import-CSV -Path "C:\Prasham\Articles\PowerShell\deletinggroups\Groups.csv"

  • Loop through all the groups in CSV file and remove those using the CMDLET – Remove-UnifiedGroup

$m365Groups | ForEach {
    #Delete the Microsoft 365 Group
    #"Group primary email" - column name in CSV file for primary email address of 
        Microsoft 365 group
    Remove-UnifiedGroup -Identity $m365Groups."Group primary email" -confirm:$False


  • This cmdlet is available only in the cloud-based service
  • We can’t use this CMDLET to remove Microsoft 365 Groups if we connect using certificate based authentication (also known as CBA or app-only authentication for unattended scripts). We can use Microsoft Graph.
  • Syntax

      [-Identity] <UnifiedGroupIdParameter>

  • Here, Identity parameter specifies Microsoft 365 group which we need to remove. We can use any value from following listing which uniquely identifies the respective group
    • Name
    • Alias
    • Distinguished name (DN)
    • Canonical DN
    • Email address
    • GUID


    Reads the CSV file having Microsoft 365 Groups which we need to delete 
    and removes the respective groups from our Microsoft 365 tenant
     Remove-UnifiedGroup -Identity -


#Check if "ExchangePowerShell" module is installed / available
if(-not (Get-Module ExchangePowerShell -ListAvailable)){
    Install-Module ExchangePowerShell -Scope CurrentUser -Force

#import the CSV file
$m365Groups = Import-CSV -Path "C:\Prasham\Articles\PowerShell\deletinggroups\Groups.csv"

#Connect to Exchange Online

#Example - 
#Remove-UnifiedGroup -Identity -confirm:$False

$m365Groups | ForEach {
    #Delete the Microsoft 365 Group
    #"Group name" - column name in CSV file for group name of 
      Microsoft 365 group
    #$m365Groups."Group name"
    #get the group name 
    $groupName = $_."Group name"

    Remove-UnifiedGroup -Identity $groupName -confirm:$False

#Disconnect Exchange Online
Disconnect-ExchangeOnline -Confirm:$False


Thanks for reading the article !!! Please feel free to discuss in case any issues / suggestions / thoughts / questions !!!


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