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The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success are concentration, discrimination, organization, innovation, and communication
― Michael Faraday

I have an gap of 4 Hrs on Delhi airport so walking around and entered in book shop. I got an eye on one of favorite author book – Dr. A. P. J. ABDUL KALAM sir –




fig : Book – REiGNITED

I’ll share details about this book in upcoming article. But in this book Abdul Kalam sir mentioned about “Michael Faraday”, very inspirational story – so thought to share

Here my intention is not to share all inventions of Faraday but to share his hard work, his passion and dedication toward work

fig : Michael Faraday
fig : Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday is regarded as one of the most distinguished scientists and investor of modern time.

The important thing is to know how to take all things quietly.– Faraday Michael

Inspirational story of Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday is born in poor family in London suburb. He suffered from a speech defect as a child. He was pronouncing “rabbit” as “wabbit”. Even his name he couldn’t speak clearly. He used to call his name “Faraday” as “Fawaday”.

In school, his teachers couldn’t help him. At the age of 12, his mother forced to take him out of school and that was end of his education.

At the age of 13, he started working with bookbinder and started binding books. During day time he used to book binding and in night time he use to read those books. Thus reading become his passion. One day he got electricity book. Electricity subject fascinated him and very soon it becomes his lifelong fascination.

On one day, a friend gave him a free ticket to public-lecture and demo by very popular chemist Humphry Davy at London’s Royal Institution. At that day, Faraday was fascinated by Davy’s lecture. During lecture he was taking notes about “mysterious force of electric fluid”. These notes are so in detail he bound them into book to gift to Davy. Faraday wanted to be a scientist. Davy inspired him a lot and become his role model. Faraday wanted to be Davy his mentor, but initially Davy didn’t agreed. But Faraday kept trying.

After few years, in Davy’s lab chemical explosion happen and he became blind. Davy started looking for assistant to help him and he decided to hire Faraday as his secretary. He was working hard and learn as much as he could about Davy’s experiments.

The secret [of my success] is comprised of three words — Work, Finish, Publish

– Michael Faraday

One day Davy is trying to recreate electromagnetism experiment. In this experiment he was try to explore why when an electric current is applied to wire, it causes that wire to behave like a magnet. But then there were a problem nobody was able to find how to make it continuously. Davy couldn’t resolve this issue and finally he asked Faraday to look into this. Within few days Faraday solved this issue. He researched more and result is first induction motor – which converted electrical current into continuous mechanical motion.

This induction motor triggered revolution – Fans, air conditioning, sewing machines, photographs, cars, trains, airplane engines comes out of this induction motor. Faraday created revolution.

In 1840, Faraday got memory loss for his whole life. But this memory loss didn’t stopped him, he continued and started working on complicated experiment – to prove light was closely related to electricity and magnetism.

No matter what you look at, if you look at it closely enough, you are involved in the entire universe.
― Faraday Michael


Faraday’s early life was full of difficulties but he continued he faced each difficulty with perseverance. He handled impossible tasks , take them as challenges and converted them in opportunities. He became great scientist.


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