Self Affirmations : Achieve what we want in life – Most powerful tool to transform our LIFE

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AUTO-SUGGESTION – THE MEDIUM FOR INFLUENCING THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – One of the Step towards riches from the book of Napoleon Hill – THINK and GROW RICH

Till the time whatever success / motivational book I read, every book has one common topic – Self Affirmations / Auto Suggestions. So thought why not to share

What is Self Affirmation

Dictionary definition –

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen – Muhammad Ali

Affirmation is the one of the surest way to achieve what we want to in our life, becoming the person which we want to be in our life.

Affirmation is one of the most powerful tool to transform our life

Our positive self talk plays major role in level of success we have in every aspect of life – health, wealth, happiness even in relationships.

Whether you think you can, or you think you cant, you right either way – HENRY FORD

An AUTO-SUGGESTION is a statement made in the present tense, of the kind of person we want to be – Shiv Khera

How the affirmation works :

  • When we repeat the things which we want it immediately make effect on our subconscious mind
  • With repetitions our subconscious mind begin to believe what we repeat, and started acting upon those points and eventually makes it in reality

Process / Procedure to achieve more using affirmations

  • Write down what we want to be in life or what kind of person we want to be
    • Just to be note write clearly, exactly what we want
    • Clearly specify why we want.
  • For example, for myself I have written like
    • I am very FIT
    • I am FINE
    • I am HEALTHY
    • I am one of the HEALTHIEST person in the world
    • I am very RICH
    • I am one of the RICHEST person in the world
    • I’ll be highly successful motivational speaker or LIFE coach
    • I am GOD gifted person
    • I am very important person in this world
    • I deserve SUCCESS
    • and so on…… You can write anything which you want to be to do in your LIFE
  • Important Point – One thumb rule is we should have positive affirmations only. This rule must be follow. Negative affirmations also work on us since our subconscious mind doesn’t understand the positive thoughts and negative thoughts. Its work only apply what we think.
  • In a day, couple of time repeat them loudly. To be more effective we need to be repeat them on daily basis
  • Repeat before night sleep and visualise them. This is more effective technique
  • Repeat first thing in morning after waking up
  • You can repeat these affirmations in front of mirror as well
  • Read with emotions, strongly believe that those will going to happen soon
  • Please note – mindlessly repeating only will have very minimal effect. We must believe in what we think

Why to use affirmations

  • To achieve whatever we want to in our life
  • To overcome our fear about anything (study / job – security / wealth etc…)
  • To improve our confidence
  • To become more healthy
  • To become more active
  • To become more RICH, To improve our finances
  • To overcome our limiting belief
  • To change our behavior
  • To overcome bad habits

Best Practice

  • Experience / Reading says combining affirmations with physical activity yields best results
  • Your affirmations should be with full of emotions and feeling since our subconscious mind recognizes and acts only upon thoughts which are with full of emotions and feelings
  • The subconscious mind takes any orders given it in a spirit of absolute FAITH and acts upon those orders – From the book – THINK and GROW RICH
  • Auto suggestion statement should be positive always. For example – We should not say – “I am not sick” but should be – “I am very HEALTHY”


  • Enlist all our problems from which we need to have relief
  • Use positive auto-suggestions / enlist auto-suggestions to get rid of our problems
  • Daily with full of emotions / feelings, speak loudly these auto-suggestions, at least two times
  • Belief in your auto suggestions / having complete FAITH that these will be in reality soon
  • Follow this 21 days till it become habit
  • Observe the result – If it works share your success / experience in comment sections 🙂

Enjoy the beautiful life !!! Have a FUN !!! HAVE A SAFE LIFE !!! TAKE CARE 🙂

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LIFE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL :) ENJOY THE WHOLE JOURNEY :) Founder of Knowledge Junction and, Author, Learner, Passionate Techie, avid reader. Certified Professional Workshop Facilitator / Public Speaker. Scrum Foundation Professional certificated. Motivational, Behavioral , Technical speaker. Speaks in various events including SharePoint Saturdays, Boot camps, Collages / Schools, local chapter. Can reach me for Microsoft 365, Azure, DevOps, SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform, JavaScript.

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