Shiv Shambhu Painting – Painting Knife

 There are two types of knives used in painting. Painting knife and palette Knife.

In this article we will talk about painting knife. Painting Knives are used in place of a brush for applying paints and paste directly onto the canvas. You can achieve fanciful color evolutions and create a range of strokes and effects. Achieving a thick texture that is rich in color, blending, building surface texture. If I Compare it with brush, knife has less control.

A painting knife is semi flexible forged stainless-steel metal blade and a wood handle. They come in a lot of different sizes and shapes but for beginners one knife is okay to start.


Fig 0.1 Painting Knife

Choose the knife with a single flexible blade, has a good spring to it with a smooth handle.

If you know how to apply peanut butter or Jam on a bread? Well, then probably you already know how to use palette knife, using this technique on canvas will take no time! If that connection seems strange, check below examples.
Fig 0.2 Peanut Butter Jam Bread


Fig 0.3 Sample Canvas Bread

After drawing out a basic sketch of your subject. Get some paint from your palette on your knife and spread the paint on the canvas. A knife has its own techniques unlikely the brush has. This time I am using my own creation of Shiv painting created using knife. 

Give a thick application texture as shown. This will be a first layer.

Full Texture.png
Fig 0.4 Texture Technique.

Once it dries, complete the painting using both brush and knife strokes.

Shiv Shambhu.jpg


The ultimate benefit of painting with a knife is the ease from which you can change colors and make painting more lively. Its a great option to experiment and widen your horizon within painting.

Important: – This knife won’t break or cut your fingers while painting.

Happy Paintings!

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