Azure – Create and Deploy a Web App into Azure

Hello Friends,
Recently, I have started exploring Azure as per our project requirement. This is my first blog in this area and will continue posting my learning in this KJ platform. Here this blog explaining how to create a simple Web APP and deploy into azure.

Before we start with this blog please note that, we must have the following prerequisite with us.

a) Visual studio (VS 2017 is recommended).

b) Microsoft subscription for Azure.

Steps to create a new Web APP using VS 2017 and deploy into Azure:

  1. Let’s start with Visual Studio 2017 and create a new Project. This will open a new Project window. From the New Project window, Select Web from left menu and I would go with NET Core Web application. Set the location of the solution and give a meaning full name to the project then click Ok as specified in the following figure.
  2. Create New Web App in VS 2017
    Figure : Azure – Create New web app in VS2017_1 

  3. This will open another window, where it allows us to select a project template. We can choose the template as per our project requirement. For this blog I choose a simple MVC Web application template and click Ok to create the project, as shown in the following figure. This will create our required project for Web App.
  4. Create New web app in VS2017
    Figure : Azure-Create New Web App in VS2017_2

  5. Let’s run the project locally and see the output after pubished in IIS as in following figure.
  6. Web App Published in IIS
    Figure : Azure – Web App Published into IIS

  7. Now time comes to move to Azure Portal Dashboard to create a new Azure Web. Login to the Azure dashboard ( by providing your subscription credential. 
  8. Azure Portal Dashboard
    Figure : Azure portal dash board

  9. Once login to the Azure Portal as in above figure, “Create a resource” by clicking Create a Resource link on the dash board. Then Chose resource type as Web and select Web App as shown in the following figure.
  10. Create New Web App In Azure_1
    Figure : Azure – Create New Azure Web App _ 1.

  11. Provide valid information, when creating the Azure Web App and create the Web App as in following figure.
  12. Create New Web App In Azure_2
    Figure : Azure – Create New Azure Web App _2

  13. Wait till it successfully create the Web App.Once it created successfully, open the recently created web app from App Services.
  14. Create New Web App In Azure_3
    Figure: Azure – Create New Azure Web App _3

  15. Download the newly created Web App Profile and save it when deploying our custom web application by click Get Publish Profile link on top menu as specified in the following figure.
  16. Download Azure web apa profile
    Figure: Azure – Download Azure web apa profile

  17. Let’s go back to visual studio and right click on the project and click Publish. This will open a window and from here click New Profile link and upload your downloaded Web App profile then click Publish as in the following figure.
  18. Publish the web application into Azure
    Figure: Azure – Publish the web application into Azure

  19. Once we successfully done with publish lets go to the azure portal and hit the url of our newly created Azure Web App.
  20. Azure Web APP Url
    Figure : Azure Web App Url

  21. Now see the output. Then we can modify our web application as per our requirement and simple click the publish to republish the web application to azure Web App
  22. Web App published into Azure
    Figure : Azure – Web App Published into Azure

Thanks for reading 🙂

Keep reading, share your thoughts, experiences. Feel free to contact us to discuss more. If you have any suggestion / feedback / doubt, you are most welcome.

Stay tuned on Knowledge-Junction, will come up with more such articles.

Manas Ranjan Moharana

I'm a proud Indian, Son, Husband, Father, Author, Blogger, Self motivated person. I lives in Pune, Maharashtra and working for, to build Azure Solutions and Share Point Solutions.Microsoft certified Professional with 14 years of IT experience. Interest in learning and sharing something new, to be healthy.

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    Nice article. If you are new to creating azure resources, I would also recommend looking into ARM templates. They are a great way to automate infrastructure providing and have “infrastructure as code”. Cheers

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