E-commerce Series – Part 5

E-commerce vs Traditional commerce


1) E-Commerce is a form of online shopping where users can buy goods and services from their electronic devices such as a laptop, mobile, tablet

2) It is used to save valuable time and money

3) It is easier to use and operate if the customer has basic digital gadget knowledge

4) It is in electronic or digital mode only

5) It is available round the clock

6) Inspecting a product before purchasing is not possible in this type

7) It involves only digital gadget engagement to place the order

8) More business can be done easily without any hassles

9) Easier to maintain this as the only warehouse is enough to store the goods

Traditional commerce

1) Traditional-Commerce is a traditional approach to buy goods and services in person which involves face to face dealing

2) It is ancient and still in usage where the digital network is not reachable

3) It can be followed by any person irrespective of education or knowledge

4) It can be in any form which is non-electronic or manual form

5) It is available during the limited time as prescribed by the law and based on the type of business

6) Inspecting a product before purchasing is possible in a traditional commerce business model

7) It involves face to face involvement of both buyer and seller

8) It is difficult to perform more business in this model

9) It is cost effective as display and showcase of the products are required to attract the customers

E-commerce has reached most of the target audience now as the digital devices can be available at lowest prices and lot of competitive sellers, this has also become easier and day by day the connectivity to the digital world is also getting increased due to the efforts being done by the e-commerce industry. Both E-commerce vs Traditional commerce models are still popular based on the availability, requirement, and emergence of the requirement to the customers.

Yogesh Meher

Experienced strong customer support with a demonstrated history of working in the best industry. Skilled in Requirements Analysis, Management, Leadership, Support, Client co-ordination, Active Directory, O365,Magento * Skills like making process improvements to improve quality and drive efficiently * Able to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical projects stakeholders * Skilled in order data management and product data management

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