Azure – Creating virtual machine (VM) – discussing Availability options – when to use which option

fig : Azure - Creating Virtual Machine - VM - Availability options
fig : Azure - Creating Virtual Machine - VM - Availability options

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Today discussing “Availability options” for virtual machine


  • When we create an Virtual Machine – VM, we have asked an option for “Availability options” as shown in below fig
fig : Azure - Creating Virtual Machine - VM - Availability options
fig : Azure – Creating Virtual Machine – VM – Availability options

What are Availability options

  • Options provided by Azure to maintain the high availability of our application
  • Options provided by Azure to manage the resiliency for our application
  • What is resiliency
    • Resiliency is the ability of a system to recover from failures and continue to function.
  • Following are options available as on today
    • No infrastructure redundancy required
    • Availability zone
    • Virtual machine scale set
    • Availability set
  • No Infrastructure Redundancy required : Single VM in the selected region. No copy of VM is maintained
  • Availability zone
    • An Availability Zone is a physically separate zone / locations, within an Azure region.
    • There are three Availability Zones per supported Azure region.
    • Each Availability zone contains one or more datacenters
    • We can protect our application and data from loss of datacenters
    • Each Availability Zone has a distinct power source, network, and cooling
    • Using zones for our VMs means protecting our apps and data from the loss of data center
    • If one zone is compromised or have an issue , then apps and data from another zone is immediately available
    • Azure availability zones are connected by a high-performance network with a round-trip latency of less than 2ms
    • They help our data stay synchronized and accessible when things go wrong
    • Here COST is applicable for transferring data in between Zones – requires to synchronize our applications or data
    • Availability zones also provides protection from Calamities
    • Microsoft offers the industry’s best 99.99% VM uptime SLA for Availability Zone.
  • Virtual machine scale set
    • Azure virtual machine scale sets allows us to create and manage a group of load balanced VMs.
    • As per our application demand, the number of VM instances can automatically increase or decrease
    • This provides high availability to our application
    • Also allows centrally manage / configure / update our VMs
  • Availability sets
    • Protect again failures within data center
    • VM replica will be created in fault domain
    • We dont have COST associated with data transfer
    • We always have same zone.
    • Availability Set is considered over Availability Zone when Cost is factor as there is no data transfer cost

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