Microsoft 365 : Exploring Microsoft Purview – Introduction – simplifying concepts – study material for Exam SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

Microsoft Purview
Microsoft Purview

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This is very basic / introductory article for understanding Microsoft Purview. We will have series of articles for Microsoft Purview

This article also helps to prepare exam SC-900 – Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

We are preparing study material for exam SC-900. Please have a look at –


  • Recently getting an opportunity to discuss in event – Microsoft purview Days 2023 on the topic
  • My topic is exploring PowerShell for Microsoft Purview
  • So preparing in depth for Microsoft Purview and hence birth of this article

Key takeaways from this article

  • Need of solid / uniform solution for data governance
  • Introduction to Microsoft Purview – we will understand – What is Microsoft Purview
  • Microsoft Purview compliance portal
  • Microsoft Purview governance portal

Couple of Statistics related to Data Protection

  • In a tracking survey of over 500 US decision-makers, nearly all (95 percent) are concerned about challenges they face regarding data protection in 2021 – September 2021 survey of 512 US compliance decision-makers commissioned by Microsoft from Vital Findings
  • A survey of US decision-makers showed that to meet their compliance and data-protection needs, almost 80 percent had purchased multiple products, and a majority had purchased three or more – February 2022 survey of 200 US compliance decision-makers (n=100 599-999 employees, n=100 1000+ employees) commissioned by Microsoft with MDC Research
  • From the above statistics it seems how important or criticality to have need of uniform solution for our organization data protection, compliance and regulations and hence the Microsoft Purview

What is Microsoft Purview

  • Microsoft Purview is a suite of data governance, risk, and compliance solutions that can help our organization to govern, protect, and manage our entire data estate
  • We have lots of security data governance and compliance products available in market. But then this is ineffective way to handle security in my organization. This strains resources. Most of the time security audit fails
  • Unified data-governance service which help us manage and govern on-premises, multicloud and SAAS data
  • Microsoft Purview is cloud based service
  • Microsoft Purview allows us
    • Manage and govern data across various platforms and locations
    • Map out your data landscape
    • Classify sensitive data
    • Empower customers to find trustworthy data
  • In Microsoft Purview, we could register our data sources to discover and manage them
    • Basically, our data sources remain in place but metadata is added to Microsoft purview
    • There are a wide range of sources in Azure and across our multicloud data estate that can be registered in Microsoft Purview including Azure Data Lake Store, AWS, SQL on premises and in the cloud, and many more

Microsoft Purview = former Azure Purview + Microsoft 365 compliance solutions and services

Microsoft Purview
fig : Microsoft Purview
Microsoft Purview
fig : Microsoft Purview

Why Microsoft Purview

  • Data governance is very important for every organization
  • To have effective data governance plan in place we must know
    • What data is available
    • What sensitive or personal information my data contains
    • Either we are data consumer (data analyst, data scientist, or data engineer) or producer, we need to spend quite good amount of time on manual processes like to annotate, catalogue or to find trusted data source
  • Creating documentation for data sources can be difficult, and it’s an ongoing responsibility to keep documentation in sync with data sources

Microsoft Purview compliance portal

Microsoft Purview compliance portal
fig : Microsoft Purview compliance portal

Microsoft Purview governance portal

Microsoft Purview governance portal
fig : Microsoft Purview governance portal


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