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Few statistics sharing here

  • Microsoft recently announced that  – company observers 1,287 password attacks PER SECOND. The most ever
  • In one news I read, 5 billions SMS phishing attempts are made annually  – this is resulted in an estimated loss of around 15,000 crore !
  • One of news on 4th May – Every 7 minutes a cybercrime is reported in Australia. In 2021 – 2022 financial year alone, 76000 cybercrimes were reported in Australia. 13% increase in a year in 2023
  • Nowadays use / sharing of digital information is very heavily used
  • Calling scams – One example is – frequently getting calls to complete KYCs – so data can be stolen

The above list is never ending, there were n no of incidents happening, it is very important to be a SECURE, SAFE

So today discussing few important points which we must follow in our day to day life to be SAFE, SECURE.

Taking care while using Social apps – FaceBook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on

  • Are two factor authentication enabled for FaceBook.
  • Is your Facebook profile locked?
  • Two factor pin / password set for WhatsApp if we are using
  • Make sure every time we are done with our work, we logged out from the respective applications

Mobile apps

  • Are our passwords strong enough for important apps like Gpay, making sure we are following strong password guidelines
  • Our password is long enough so that for hackers permutation / combination wont work
  • Making sure its not so easy like based on our names / surname / birthdate – those passwords are commonly identified
  • Make sure different apps have different passwords
  • Are permissions are set differently for different app in our mobile
  • Making sure unnecessary apps are not installed in our regular mobile from where we are performing important operations Are your mobile password protected / pin protected / fingerprint / biometrics / face recognition

Common guidelines

  • Making sure, to make easy we don’t have same pattern of password
  • Are we changing all our passwords in month or two
  • Making sure we are not saving the passwords, when browser notifies us
  • Making sure, to remember passwords we are not writing those at common places
  • Making sure, kids/family members don’t know our passwords
  • Are we making sure we are not sharing OTP (One-Time password with anybody including family members) with anybody
  • Are you deleting OTP messages immediately as you received and used
  • For bank messages try to use normal phone (not smart phone) – so that there won’t be apps and those can not be read your messages in phone
  • Make sure you are keeping Internet off when you are not using
  • Not giving our any document details on phone to anybody. One example is call to complete / update KYCs. Make sure you go to respective institute (bank / LIC office) and complete / update there in person
  • Keep ourselves up-to-date with latest cybersecurity trends
  • Making sure our devices OS, applications are updated on timely basis, latest security patches are in place
  • Keep your software and systems uptodate
  • Download software’s only from trusted web sites
  • Keep the security settings of computer and browser at least either medium or high
  • Clear browser history / cookies on timely basis

Be SAFE !!! Be SECURE !!!

Prasham Sabadra

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