Fitness – One of the key Ingredient of success formula

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In our previous articles we are discussing about SUCCESS, key ingredients of SUCCESS – CONSISTENCY AND FOCUS. Today we will discuss another key ingredient of SUCCESS – FITNESS.

If we check the word “FITNESS”, Its a state of being fit and in oxford dictionary “fit” word meaning is  – suitable quality or type to meet the required purpose. Ultimately quality require to achieve our goal.

There is mental fitness and physical fitness. Today here we will discuss physical fitness.

Good Health is the ultimate blessing. If someone has everything, that requires to live a happier life but, does not have a good health, that person can’t be happy in spite of having everything other than good health.

Importance of Good Health

The ultimate motivation of human being is, utilize every single moment for doing great things, leaving complete life. A person with a good health never avoid his/her duties. He/She never leave any task unfinished. That person always got internal energy, the spirit of doing something different, the determination and the strength to do something extra, from an invisible/unknown source of the nature. This internal energy helps healthy people to finishing more work in less time and make them more productive for themselves as well as for the society. Therefore, Good Health is the ultimate blessing of nature. There is a famous saying ‘Health is Wealth’ shows the value of good health in our life.

Also please calculate your yearly budget spent for health of whole family. If we maintain better health and can save good amount of money. This is win win situation. We can increase our savings, invest in some other better plans, and we will very positive, productive and enjoy our life very well.

How to maintain a good health

There are many things which needs to be taken care, you will also find a lots of stuff over the Internet / in books, to have a good health but here  mentioning following few points are very simple to follow to have a good health.

  1. Practice Regular Sleep Pattern  : We must make a practice to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. Early to bed and early to rise is the first rule of having good health. This will help our body to be more productive every day.
  1. Drink sufficient of water  : Human body is made up of 70% of water. Drinking sufficient water is a key for a healthy life. It helps our body flush wastes and stay at the right temperature. It helps preventing kidney related diseases.  There is a concept of water therapy and will share in next coming articles.
  1. Physical exercise  : Physical exercise is an activity that helps to enhances or maintains good health, wellness and it also increase the immune system.There are plenty of exercise which does not required any gym instruments but required a open air place. So anyone willing to do exercise doesn’t required a gym or buy instruments. The level or the type of exercise might be different from person to person but we should keep in mind that, at least, every body part should be stretched.
  1. Balanced diet  : A balanced diet is very important because our body part and tissues need accurate nutrition to work efficiently. With balance diet, we will get good nutrition and with good nutrition, our immune system will be strong and a strong immune system is less prone to disease. It would be more beneficial, if we take our food fresh, in proper quantity and maintain the regular time.
  1. Keep worries away  One more essential element, for maintaining a good health is, to free our mind from negativity and worries as far as possible. A worried person cannot enjoy his relaxation or snooze soundly at night. Live a worry free life.


Keep reading such articles, share your thoughts, experiences. Feel free to contact us to discuss more. If you have any suggestion / feedback / doubt, you are most welcome.

Stay tuned on Knowledge-Junction, will come up with more such articles.

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I'm a proud Indian, Son, Husband, Father, Author, Blogger, Self motivated person. I lives in Pune, Maharashtra and working for, to build Azure Solutions and Share Point Solutions.Microsoft certified Professional with 14 years of IT experience. Interest in learning and sharing something new, to be healthy.

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    Good health is very important, can not ignore it.

  5. although difficult to maintain,but still possible with a strong determination towards a healthy and stress free life!!!

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