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Today in this article we will discuss about sound editors

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There are two editors in Scratch-

  1. Sound editor
  2. Paint edit

The sound editor is the editor in the Scratch that allows the user to record the music and to edit remix songs

Scratch sound editor
Fig : Scratch sound editor

Adding new sounds

Most projects of Scratch have more than one sounds. At the bottom-left of the sound editor there is a button for adding new sounds. Hovering over it opens up four options:

Adding new sounds
Adding new sounds
  • Choosing a sound from sound library

By clicking the first option you can choose the sound from sound library

Sound library
Sound library
  • Recording the sound

By clicking the second option you can record a music or your voice

Recording sound
Recording sound
  • Surprise button

The surprise button  referred to Get a Surprise sound

  • Uploading sound

When we click on upload sound you can upload any music from your files

User Interface

The sound editor has two main areas: the Sound List and Editing Area.

Sound List

The sound list on the left is used to select sounds for editing in the editing area. Clicking a sound will select it. Selected sounds have a thick blue outline to show that they are selected. Selected sounds also have an “X” in the top right to delete the sound. Right-clicking a sound will show three options: duplicate, export, and delete.

Editing Area

The editing area is the part on the right of the sound list and to the left of the stage. It has a bar on the top, the sound in the middle, and several tools at the bottom.


There are nine tools at the bottom: faster, slower, louder, softer, mute, fade in, fade out, reverse, and robot.

Each tool has its own effects and can be used together to make spectacular sound effects.


On August 1st, 2019 a new feature was added to the sound editor. The main update was the ability to select certain parts of a sound and add effects to them. To select, click and drag on the sound until the desired part is selected. From there, effects can be added or the part selected can be played.


There were a couple of options for cropping sounds. One could highlight a section of the sound and had clicked the delete or backspace key to remove that section.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Copy –  Cmd+C or Ctrl+C
  • Paste –  Cmd+V or Ctrl+V
  • Select All –  Cmd+A or Ctrl+A
  • Undo –  Cmd+Z or Ctrl+Z
  • Start sound – Space
  • Delete – β† Backspace or Delete
  • Delete all but selected – β‡§ Shift+← Backspace or β‡§ Shift+Delete

Paint Editors

In next article we are going to discuss about “Paint editors

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